EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp Review

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Getting in a workout is always nice. Being able to get a gym quality workout in the privacy of your home is awesome. Doing that same workout, with a video game, while pretending to be an NFL superstar is just priceless.

That’s what EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp can offer. EA promises to bring an NFL quality training program to the living room that the entire family can enjoy.

How Does EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp Work?

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NFL Training Camp is an extension of the EA Active franchise of games developed for the Nintendo Wii. EA Active games are designed to bring a full blown gym quality exercise routine into your living room for ease and comfort. NFL Training Camp provides an extension of that by putting the player in the middle of my favorite NFL team, allowing me to drill, exercise, and compete with my favorite NFL stars.

EA Active NFL Training Camp offers a variety of different play modes. The 60 day challenge allowed me to set my own goals, and provide a rotating daily work out routine to achieve those goals. That routine is hosted and coached by my favorite NFL superstar in my team’s home stadium. It’s a pretty neat experience. For those quick days, I am always able to set a quick routine and run a few drills to get my dose of cardio and resistance training in.

EA Active has a tradition of having quality exercise routines. Each routine is customized to individual goals, experience level, and abilities by the game from day to day. All the exercises and routines are based on cardio and resistance training. I always manage to break a sweat playing this game.

NFL Training Camp monitors my movements and heartbeat through sensors that are strapped to my body. A sensor on your forearm and upper thigh track my movements in coordination with the Wii Remote when necessary. The forearm monitor also tracks my heartbeat. These sensors help assist the game to record my reps and better train myself for proper posture and form.

What Are Others Saying - Does NFL Training Camp Deliver?

There isn’t to much of a doubt, NFL Training Camp gets my body moving in a fun way. Other users and Myself were impressed by the exercise routines and the 60 day challenge. Most users reported as much weight loss as hitting the gym.

The family orientedness of the game is a major bonus. Karma Shuford purchased the game for her 9 year old son. Her and her son love to spend time playing the game together. Karma is also impressed that her son is becoming more interested in physical fitness and proper living because of NFL Training Camp.

Catherine Martin also explained that the game is a great workout for her and fun for her son. All though she has little interest in football, the game is exhilarating and interesting. Her son, who is a huge Madden fan apparently, loves the NFL aspect of the game.

Will NFL Training Camp Help Me Lose Weight?

NFL Training Camp is a full on cardio and resistant training program. With a proper diet, you will see results playing this game, of course your mileage may vary. Playing NFL Training Camp isn’t much different from hitting the gym. Stormie claims that her fiance’ has already lost 10 pounds playing this game. Each users weight loss will be different.

Side Effects

Unlike taking a supplement or medication, there are no real side effects with NFL Training Camp. I would recommend consulting a doctor before starting a fitness regimen to make sure that you are capable of exercising. Physical strain and injury can occur if proper directions are not followed, just the same as going to the local gym.

Problems And Complaints

I wish the leg and arm sensors were more accurate. On occasion with some exercises I found myself performing more reps then needed. The game simply didn’t register the work done. This would get frustrating, but I only experienced this on a few occasions. Other users have reported the same problem.

It should be noted that one user, who is very active and passionate about health, reported the routines to be too simple. If you are very regular and intense with workouts, this game may not pose much of a challenge.

How Does NFL Traning Camp Rate Overall?

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NFL Training camp provided me a great in home experience while living a virtual fantasy. Exercises were rigorous and challenging. My family and I enjoyed playing this game together. Creating family time made this game valuable by itself. We all saw physical improvements in ourselves. The different drills and daily challenges kept things clean and interesting.

I did see issues with how the sensors registered movement. It was frustrating at times. But I only experienced this issue few and far between instances.

I would recommend EA Active NFL Training Camp. It doesn’t come with a high price tag and provides hours of entertainment and exercising The game also brings the entire family together to exercise in a fun and private environment.

Where Can I Buy And Read More Reviews?

Currently Amazon.com has NFL Training Camp on sale. Amazon Prime members can also enjoy free two day shipping. You can find the title by performing a search for EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp. Buy this product with a 10% discount. Plenty of users have also left their experiences.  Read More reviews here.

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