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Staying in shape can be very stressful. Often exercising just isn’t very fun. Setting time aside for a project you have no desire to work on usually doesn't end in success. Diets and quick 10 minute exercise routines are left in the cold and often forgotten about.

Electronic Entertainments has an answer to that with it’s EA Sports Active 2 fitness oriented game for the Nintendo Wii console.

How Does EA Sports Active 2 Work?

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EA Sports 2 combines the game play and fun of a video game with the impact of a workout from the gym. The Wii console monitors your movement and heart rate through the Wii controller and modules that fit on your upper thigh and forearm with an elastic strap.

EA Sports Active 2 provides a customized workout experience every day. The game monitors your activities and progress to ensure that you are receiving a daily and proper dose of cardio and resistance training. Each workout is designed individually so that your progress doesn’t plateau. I enjoyed the work out sessions fully, with what felt like my own personal trainer encouraging me to keep working towards my goals.

I also enjoyed the versatility of the game. If I felt I could add extra resistance, I was always able to purchase higher resistant bands or weights to include with the workouts. The inclusion of the Wii Balance Board to track my weight was a nice touch.

What Are Others Saying?

The majority of users agree, EA Sports Active 2 is a hit. The program is so much cheaper then a gym that everyone is able to enjoy in a private and relaxing setting. Convenience is key here. Extra trips aren’t needed to travel to the gym. Getting in the daily dose of exercise can happen anytime during the day, or night.

Users enjoyed the deep interactivity of the game. The heart rate monitors and coaching from the virtual trainers let the player know that they are performing the routines properly. The amount of exercises kept things interesting and fresh. Cherie Alexander stated that her current personal trainer was very impressed by the game. Her personal trainer often used many of the same exercise moves and routines in his workout sessions.

The largest complaint amongst users was how finicky the remotes acted. The game registers very precise movements to track motions and reps. If the remote isn’t moved properly the game will often not register a rep. A few users commented that the interruption severely interrupted the flow of the workout. The same was said about transitioning between exercises. The long pauses while the game loaded made any kind of natural flow seem impossible.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Weight loss is only effected by your own goals with EA Sports Active 2. When creating a new profile, or starting a new course, weight loss goals are set. If I should desire to lose 20 pounds, then the game will design a routine with enough impact to help me lose 20 pounds. Sueetone has said that after four weeks she has noticed significant changes in the way her body looks and how she feels.

Side Effects

As with any exercise routine, consultation with the family doctor is advised. Regular, high impact, and physical exercises are performed while playing this game. Incorrectly doing any exercise could lead to a physical injury.

Pros and Cons


  • EA Sports Active 2 is much cheaper then a personal trainer.
  • Daily exercise routines can be performed as schedule permits, making the product much easier to use.
  • This game will show real, and positive, health improvements
  • Exercise routines can be tweaked to suite physical needs.


  • Controls are finicky, sometimes making game play difficult.
  • There is no expandability.

Problems And Complaints

The number one complaint experienced was how finicky the remote controls interacted with the game. Some exercises can become frustrating trying to perform as the game does not register my reps. As B. Rajab points out, when the Wii remote turns off, game play is interrupted until the remote is turned back on.

How Does EA Sports Active 2 Compare?

There are many exercise games available on the Wii entertainment console. Sports Active 2 stands at a high regard among users because of the amount of routines available and how customizable they are. This game feels a lot more like a session with a personal trainer then a video game, which many users preferred to keep them on track.

How Does EA Sports Active 2 Rate Overall?

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Sports Active 2 is well worth the money. Personalized training goals and the cost make this a great option for any health minded person. 90 day challenges can be set to achieve longer term weight goals, and short quick sessions can be used for everyday exercising and health. Community integration helps get support from other like minded users as well. And the extra perks of useful health info and tips make this an all around great product.

 Where Can I Buy And Read More About EA Sports Active 2?

Currently Amazon.com has this game available on sale, and Prime members can have free two day shipping. Doing a quick search for “EA Sports Active 2” will find the game quickly and easily. Buy this product with a 23% discount. Plenty of other reviews are available to read to. Read more reviews here.

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