Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure Review

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Okay, so I got a Kindle for my birthday from my kind husband and my life has changed dramatically ever since! I love my Kindle and I have been reading avidly since January because it’s so easy to download books, magazines and even newspapers. So when I decided to take a look at diet Kindle books I was rewarded with a wealth of choice and an amazing variety of books and magazines.

I picked Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet for two reasons: my little girl had silent reflux as a baby and I know how painful it can get. Secondly, in the last month our lives have been more chaotic than usual and I can feel its effects in the form of stomach burns at the moment so I was looking to see if I could use some of the tips in the book to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms.

For whom has The Reflux Diet been written?

Obviously, the book has been written with acid reflux sufferers in mind and it is presented as a double-folded solution to their issue: the book advices not only on dieting but also on various foods to be eaten or avoided by the reader in order to cure this painful condition.

The book is handily structured into three main sections: The Cure is an explanation of what acid reflux is and solutions on how to treat it.

The following section, The Diet, gives a detailed description of foods that would aggravate or alleviate the symptoms and introduces the concept of low-fat cooking for a reflux sufferer.

The most exciting chapter is actually The Cookbook, with 75 recipes designed by Marc Bauer, Master Chef at the French Culinary Institute and  divided neatly into sub-chapters like breakfast, salads, soups and entrees that would assist the reader efficiently any time it’s time to prepare a meal.

Here is Dr Jamie Koufman talking about the symptoms and treatment of reflux disease on Good Morning America.

What do others say about The Reflux Diet?

More than half of the reviewers give the book thumbs-up and a resounding five-star evaluation so I was very excited to learn more about dieting with a chronic condition such as reflux. I was left a bit disappointed though as there wasn’t much mention of the book being used in dieting but more in correcting and remedying a medical condition.

Some of the stories are rather touching, with people who had suffered pretty much all their life from this condition recounting how this book helped them to take charge of their health while losing weight through the lifestyle changes recommended.  

It is worth mentioning here the very detailed and ext

remely informed review drawn by Linda Brodsky, MD who praises the book as a thoroughly researched, groundbreaking material that not only provides solutions and recipes but also introduces new concepts, like the role of pepsin levels in diagnosing the condition and the historical perspective of how America's food and eating habits have been transformed, to its citizens’ detriment.

At the opposite pole, reviewers complained about the quality of the photos and the time-consuming recipes, about the lack of promised novelty in the approach and lack of dieting strategy.

Will The Reflux Diet help with weight loss?

There wasn’t much written on weight loss in relation to the book: out of the 87 reviews, less than five mentioned this aspect, two to praise the results and one to complain about the limited array of foods recommended.

The answer is yes, on condition that you follow the book to the letter and are willing to go for months without a list of forbidden foods, as HRNYC explains.

As T.M.Tran accentuates, the book helped her clear completely her silent reflux symptoms and she managed to lose 4lbs following the regimen.

Although the book doesn’t rate high as a weight loss tool, it definitely seems to provide answers and solutions to acid reflux sufferers and it is recommended by physicians and patients alike.

Pros and Cons


  • The book encourages a healthy life style change which would assist ultimately with weight loss.
  • There are 75 fully illustrated and carefully designed by renowned chef recipes to choose from so cooking healthily should be child play.
  • Clearly, the book is geared up for people with a medical condition and the scientific explanations and health advice come in handy for an increasingly wide range of readers.


  • The book would be expensive at $22.02 if it was to be sold solely as a diet book or an acid-reflux health publication. GERD & Acid Reflux Solutions, a health guide to acid reflux sells as a Kindle version for $4.03 only while The South Beach Diet Supercharged, a fully detailed dieting book, sells as a Kindle version for $7.31 only.
  • The book is not ideal in dieting for people who suffer from extreme reflux symptoms as it doesn’t provide a thoroughly detailed risk assessment plan of dieting in these circumstances.
  • The book is highly scientific in its explanations and I am afraid many readers wouldn’t benefit fully due to the very technical language.

Is The Reflux Diet better than other workout publications?

The publication is trying to provide a scientific approach and solutions to acid reflux and recipes to encourage a healthy diet for patients suffering from this condition.

There are similar publications that address the same issue and seem to be doing a more thorough job at it. The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Acid Reflux Diet sells for $17.04 as a Kindle edition and provides not only a wealth of advice on the condition but also an impressive meal plan and over 120 recipes to support it.

I think the book rates high on Amazon due to the number of reviews and the author’s reputation but make sure you do a methodical research before you buy if what you are looking for is a dieting solution for a reflux acid sufferer rather than a scientific explanation of the condition.

How does The Reflux Diet rate overall?

The book receives a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Its reviews are mixed with 55 readers giving it a 5 star rating because it is an informed and engaging read while the other half classed it lower due to its lack of coherence or its drastic dieting regimen.

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

You can buy the eBook on Amazon. Delivered by Amazon Whispernet in seconds, it saves you the wait and the incurring costs of a normal delivery. For more reviews before you make up your mind, follow the link.

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