Drinking Green Tea And Weight Loss – The All New “Wonder Drink”

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We may have progressed a great deal technologically and scientifically over the last century, but does this have to necessarily mean that we know better than our forefathers in every area of life? Well, there would of course be those people who would say an emphatic “Yes” to this, but does this make us too proud and too much confident about our abilities? Take for instance, drinking green tea. Chinese herbal practitioners have been telling us for centuries that there are innumerable benefits of drinking green tea that can work wonders in cases of arthritis, infections, diabetes, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. And of course, these practitioners have been telling us that it can help us reduce weight and fight obesity.

But the sad thing is, not only have we not been paying heed, we have actually been so confident about ourselves that we have been brushing aside all these claims.

New medical research provides an insight into the great advantages of green tea.

But all that has now changed – there has been a renewed interest in this because modern scientific research has actually established these claims. And not only that – a lot of other benefits has been added to this list. Researchers are now saying that green tea is rich in antioxidants, it can effectively block cancer formation, particularly stomach, cancer in the colon, the skin and also esophagus. They are also saying that it works wonders in cardiovascular disorders as well.

Green tea and weight loss – what is the connection?

Actually green tea works in many ways to help you fight obesity. Firstly, it can enhance the metabolism of the body, and when this happens, the bodily systems work more efficiently and due to this the fat cannot get deposited. It also leads to increased calorie burning.

Green tea is also able to reduce the action of amylase, which is an enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the carbohydrates. And when the functioning of amylase is slowed down, the blood sugar levels in the body go down as well which is what controls any binge eating. This has been proved to be case in the study undertaken at the Tang Center for Herbal Medical Research of the University of Chicago. According to this study, drinking green tea can indeed lead to weight loss and this is because of an increase in thermogenesis and fat oxidation.

Here is what green tea provides the body

• Vitamin B complex
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin C
• Flavonoids
• Fluoride in a natural state
• R-Amino Butyric Acid
• Polysaccharides

However do take note of the fact that no modern day study has been undertaken about the long term impacts of drinking green tea, but in spite of this, there are those who are already saying that it is the new “wonder drink”.

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