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3 Ways A Personal Weight Loss Coach May Improve Weight-Related Negative Emotions

The results from a recent research study, titled "Personality and Obesity Across the Adult Life Span", show that reduced self-discipline, neuroticism and impulsiveness may contribute to a person's inability to manage their weight over time.

This National Institutes of Health study, designed to assess the impact of personality traits on weight-related health outcomes, included 1,988 individuals who were followed over a course of 50 years.

While one of the reported explanations for the relationship between neuroticism and weight outcomes (e.g., depression is associated with low self-esteem and many obese people have low self esteem) seems reasonable, personal weight management coaching may help improve negative emotions, such as depression, that characterize neuroticism and are associated with less than optimal weight outcomes.

This article describes 3 ways that a personal coach may be beneficial in improving emotional states of those struggling with obesity and weight-related behaviors.

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