Do Nuts Make You Fat? No, You Can Eat Nuts And Lose Weight!

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If like me, you just love your cashews, or almonds, but consider them fattening and a no-go zone, take heart and read on. A recent study has revealed that you can eat nuts and lose weight. Better still, eating nuts regularly may actually decrease your chances of obesity.

The Study.

Researchers from the Department of Nutrition, Harvard, Boston, and the Department of Preventative Medicine and Public Health, University Of Navarra, Spain, followed 51,188 women aged between 20 and 45 for 8 years (1991-1999). These women were free of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Researchers were curious to examine the effects of eating nuts on the long term weight of women. They discovered that those women who ate nuts at least twice weekly had less of a chance of gaining weight than those women who ate nuts less than two times per week.

The study did not state the amounts of nuts that the women were eating. The results were unchanged regardless of whether the women ate tree nuts or peanuts. The results remained the same irrespective of the weight of the woman. Meaning average, overweight and obese women all had the same results.

Researchers concluded that contrary to popular opinion, eating nuts in moderation will not increase your weight. Indeed, the results showed that the women who ate the nuts regularly were less likely to gain weight long term.

Other Health Benefits of Nuts.

As well as reducing the risk of you gaining weight, nuts have many other health benefits:
High in fiber.

Although nuts do have a high fat content, the fat is of the unsaturated kind that is good for our health (as opposed to the fat contained in donuts, butter, and deep fried foods).
Walnuts and almonds, in particular, have been shown to provide heart health benefits, and reduce “bad” blood cholesterol levels.

Although nuts are considered energy dense foods, not all those calories contained in the nuts can be broken down by our bodies, reducing the potential for converting to muffin top.

Nuts can make extremely healthy small snacks as they also slightly suppress the appetite, reducing the amount of food eaten at the next meal. To maximize the various fatty acids and nutrients contained in different nuts, it can be a great idea to eat mixed nuts, or alternate between your personal favourites. Most experts consider a handful of nuts as a good daily allowance. This is roughly the amount contained in those handy snack packs.


Where’s that packet of cashews? You no longer have to deprive yourself of these little tasty little goodies. Those treats that you reserve for Christmas or holidays can now be eaten on a more regular basis. Just remember, everything in moderation.


Yes, I think including nuts in your diet will help you to stick to your diet and actually lose weight. You have to just have a small handful or you will gain weight. I think the best way is to sprinkle them on salads and food. And, peanut and other nut butters make awesome sandwiches. I know that the tree nuts have to be kept raw or the beneficial oils can turn rancid, so you might want to keep that in mind.

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