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So, you want to know how far you’ve come, huh? That’s a very relative question. Some may say you to ask your parents. Some may say ask your friends. Depending on your cup of tea, it may want to be your priest, pastor, or rabi. But, on the off chance if you are not interested in going the distance metaphorically speaking, and more literally speaking, then I might be able to help answer that! May I introduce Distance Free.

I have to confess, I’m not some mighty magician or mind reader. I can’t tell how far I’ve gone. With my attention span I would never be able to even take an accurate guess. Every squirrel, tree, flower, and beautiful girl distracts me. But I have looked at various exercise routines in the past that require you to go the distance. But endeavors have usually been mired, because again I can’t really establish how far I’ve come. Pedometers are often a little to pricey for me for a one function device, and let’s face it, that one you got at McDonalds a few years ago ain’t exactly cream of the crop. But Distance free is a good middle ground for all of that.

This ain’t no Pedometer

The app at it’s core is very, very simple. It measures how far you have traveled in what given amount of time. That’s pretty much the sole function of the entire app. But it is free and a tiny download, making it a very useful tool to add to your plethora of idevice apps to help maintain that healthy life style.

Distance Free is ad supported. I might as well get that warning out of the way. The ads aren't obtrusive though. The screen real estate isn’t all that affected and the ads stay nice and cozy at the top.

The app does have color to it. Usually I’m more of a fan to of neutral and clean cut, but in this case it’s not so bad. A box of gradient yellow and gradient blue pretty much feed your eyes. The colors help you quickly navigate the screen. There is a bunch of info on the tiny screen to take in at once, but with the way everything is divided you’re not recoiling in horror and your A.D.D isn’t thrown into a tizzy.

Distance Free pretty much has two buttons to interact with. A start and stop. The app works much like a stopwatch. You press start when you take off on your travels. Your iPhone will measure the time and the distance traveled with your GPS and then figures out all the fun facts. When you’re done and back at home snugly, press stop. That’s how easy it is.

If you feel the need, you can export the data to your MapMyFitness or TainingPeaks account. If you feel the need, the app also gives you the option of buying the full edition that guesstimates the calories burned on your foray for the day.


So, what do I think? The app is small in download size and fast on the device. It’s easy to read, see, and use. The simplicity of the function makes it a perfect pocket tool. During my travels I found it slightly inaccurate, but only slightly. The iPhone has a hard time keeping up when you are flying down the highway. For brisk walks with open sky ways I had a couple hiccups here and there, but over all it was pretty good. For the price it’s great. I wouldn’t pay money for it though.

Spectra Symbol designs and

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This is a brilliant idea.

This is a brilliant idea. this would be ideal for engineer, architects, designers, drawers, and more. I'm in a college for engineers, and i would love to have this if it was real.

Well, i guess that king of

Well, i guess that king of tool was really convenient to use...

Your is very interesting.I

Your is very interesting.I agree with you the simplicity of the function makes it a perfect pocket tool its like in every thing you buy or you made simple makes perfect.

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