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One of the hardest things when dieting is keeping track of the caloric value of your food. I know just how difficult it can be to try to tell how much a piece of food weighs and then guess how many calories it contains.

Guesswork can throw your diet off, and that is the last thing you want when you’re trying your best to lose weight. However, I can tell you that the Newline Digital Nutrition Food Diet Scale will give you an accurate calorie count and help you lose weight more easily.

How Does The Newline Digital Food Diet Scale Work?

The Newline Digital Scale can really help you to determine the calories contained in your food, and it provides an analysis of more than 1000 foods. The Scale is easy to use, all you need to do is put the food onto the glass platform, use the key book to ‘tell’ the scale what the food is, and the scale does all the rest – it determines the weight, the calories, how much protein, fat, carbohydrates, sodium, and cholesterol is in the food and displays the results on the screen.

I don’t think figuring out the calories in your meals could be any easier. The Newline Scale calculates the nutritional values in ounces and pounds, and even goes down to grams if needs be.

What Are Others Saying – Does The Newline Digital Scale Really Deliver?

It seems that the Newline Digital Scale has pleased most of the people who have purchased it very much. The scale is dependable and J. Jones was happy that it was easy to use, and a real time saver, too. After using a (not so practical) manual scale and calorie counter book, he was delighted to buy this scale and has declared, “It’s a winner!!” He is now able to get his food measured in half the time.

Because of the ease of use, the Newline Diet Scale has helped Angele Thieme to manage her diet. “I've already lost 9 pounds using this scale,” says Angele, and she even uses the scale to keep track of the caloric intake of her plump cat. All in all, this user is very happy both with the ease of use and the results she has gotten from using the scale.

The general consensus was very favorable for the Newline Digital Food Diet Scale. It was easy for most people to use and they experienced no problems with it whatsoever. This scale helped them to determine quickly and easily the nutritional content of the meal.

However, a few dissenting voices were raised, as the key book works best with foods found in the typical American diet. If you are eating primarily ethnic food, this scale might be unwieldy and impractical.

Will The Newline Digital Scale Help Me Lose Weight?

Being able to tell exactly how many calories are in your food will definitely help you to lose weight, and this is borne out by the weight loss experienced by others who use the Newline Scale.

K. McGee “McGee”, who has tried many fad diets,  had much success with this scale when she decided to follow the proven approach to weight loss: consume less than you burn. She concluded that the scale works very well and she is able to find out exactly how many calories will be in each ingredient when she cooks. She is happy to report, “I've lost 20 lbs so far and this has helped me so much.”

Others who bought this scale lost weight. Being able to find out what a single serving provided in calories helped to keep user on line with their diet plan.

Once they began to use the Newline Digital Scale, most dieters were surprised to find out how many calories were contained in what they thought were a low calorie snack. Even a cup of coffee with sugar and cream can add to the daily caloric load, especially if you drink several cups during the course of the day.

Pros And Cons


  • Gives you an accurate count of calories and nutritional information.
  • Lightweight, but seems to be durable.
  • Digital screen on the Newline Scale is easy to read.
  • Helps you to keep your meal portions in sync with your diet plan.
  • The Newline Scale is attractive.


  • The Newline Scale is geared only to an American diet.
  • The platform is fairly small.
  • It is difficult to clean beneath the platform.

Problems And Complaints

Although most of the people who bought the Newline Digital Scale were happy with it, there were some complaints, too. One person who bought this found that it was useless if you are eating a primarily ethnic diet as there were no key words to be entered.

Another person thought the scale was too complicated for them to use, and there was also a complaint that because it was being used for baking, all the ingredients had to be weighed separately. In one instance, one of the scales arrived broken.

Does The Newline Digital Scale Work As Well As Other Diet Scales?

The Newline Scale seems to stack up well as compared to other diet scales. It is accurate and fairly easy to use. The main complaint with this, as well as with other digital scales, is that the screen can be hard to read when a plate has been put onto the platform.

How Does The Newline Digital Scale Rate Overall?

Based on customer use, the Newline Diet Scale rated 4 out of 5 on Amazon. While a few customers were somewhat disappointed, most people were pleased with the performance of this scale. The ease of use and the fact that there are over a thousand foodstuffs listed in the key book made calculating nutritional content simple.

Where Can I Buy and Read More Reviews On The Newline Digital Diet Scale?

You can buy the Newline Scale at a discount. I would suggest that you visit this site to learn all about this scale. You will find the reviews especially helpful when trying to reach a decision on whether to purchase it. Read more reviews here.

Calculator for some food categories...

It's good to have a calculator who tells you all the calories info about some foods. The only problem with it is not to generalize when using it. When dealing with complex meals, I can't see how this calculator sarcina can help. If you're dealing with common fruits or meals (milk, sugar, corn, bread) it may be very useful for keeping a good diet.

Thanks for the useful

Thanks for the useful information.

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