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Google’s Top 5 Trending Diets

Diets are popular. Almost 25 million internet users worldwide Google search the word ‘diet.’ It seems like every other week a new diet pops up out of nowhere. What was a hot diet half a year ago has been long forgotten today. In 2012 we’ve, amongst others, seen the Juicing diet, Michael Phelps diet, Beyond diet and the Adriana Lima diet. It is not likely many people will be on one of these diets today.

So what’s the current flavour of the month? Let’s explore which diets have seen the biggest increase in interest compared to last month.    

Number 5: Detox diet. Increase in searches: +130%

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The detox diet is known for its cleansing effects. The foods in this diet are not contaminated by chemicals; they’re purely organic. The diet gets rid of food containing colourings, pesticides, and preservatives. A diet like this involves drinking large amounts of juices, and limiting certain foods, so that all irritants are eliminated from the body. 

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A Big Breakfast Results in More Weight Loss Than a Big Lunch, Study Finds

The old adage—breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper—wasn’t popular without a reason. We now have researches to prove it true. A hearty breakfast comes with a host of health benefits. The ones who are aspiring to lose weight should pay special attention, as a breakfast sufficiently rich in carbohydrates and fats has been especially favourably associated with weight loss. Other than weight loss, a good breakfast helps you balance your overall health, be more productive throughout the day, and stay in a happier mood than if you have a skimpy first meal of the day.

Why Breakfast is Important

It is commonly accepted that diet, rather than physical activity, has the major impact in a weight loss program. Losing weight is only worth it if done in the right way and without compromising on the other dimensions of our health. However, it seems that is not only WHAT we eat but WHEN we eat too that affects the metabolism of the body. A detailed research in the area has been done by a researcher at Tel Aviv University.

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Overweight Friends are Contagious

Recent studies have revealed that obesity is contagious, in a sense that if you are friends with people who are obese then you are way more likely to become overweight or obese yourself.

Right now in American over 33% of the population are obese and it is strongly believed that in 40 years time this figure will rise to 42%. A person will fit into this category if they have a BMI of more the 30.

Having all this excess weight can cause so many weight related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol, not to mention the depression and low self esteem it can cause. It is also believed that a massive 17% of all medical costs are blamed on obesity!

Two friends subathing..Tenerife

So now that you have some of the facts relating to this weight epidemic, lets take a closer look at the findings of the study that was carried out to determine whether being overweight is contagious among friends.

Study Findings

The findings where that if you had four obese friends, it made you 50% more likely to become over weight yourself compared to people who had no obese friends.

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