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5 Tips To Stick With Your Diet Plan

Sticking to a diet plan can be a challenge for even the most self-disciplined people. Oftentimes it's assumed that you just have to “force” yourself to change your behaviors through sheer willpower.  But willpower alone is rarely successful when it comes to making lasting changes.

So what can you do instead?  Using these 5 simple tips, you'll be able to finally start working with your psychology rather than against it.

1. Focus on Habits

The problem when someone says they're “going on a diet” is that it implies at some point they're “coming off a diet.”  But what good does it do to eat better, lose excess weight, get healthy, and then turn around and toss all of that away by going back to poor eating habits?

A better approach is to realize that you're already “on” a diet.  This means seeing healthy eating as a lifestyle rather than a means to an end.  Remember, if you want continuous results, you need continuous behaviors that produce those results.  And those behaviors are your habits.

But isn't changing habits hard?  Doesn't it require a lot of willpower?

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