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Weight Loss for Dummies

A very common goal among any gender, any age group and anywhere in the world is weight loss. We want to lose weight because we believe that the less we have, the better we look. This is why so much weight loss tips, crash diets and fads have been developed through the years. Some worked, others didn’t. I’m pretty sure you’ve tried at least one in your life – did it work?

I suppose before we go any further, it’s important to let you know that crash diets don’t exist. These are all myths made up by people trying to get money out of you. Don’t waste your money on these. There are better tips to follow which can guarantee you weight loss.

Eat Less Total Calories

Calories are a dieting woman’s worst enemy – that’s why when you’re trying to diet, just eat less of them. Weight loss is and always will be about calories. Other stuff play a role as well – protein, fats, carbs, supplements and exercise are also important but these are only secondary to calories. The other tips won’t matter if you can’t get this part right.

Why are calories so important?

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