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DanceDanceRevolution started it’s hit video game franchise in 1998 as a Japanese arcade game that combined rhythm, music, and dancing with a video game style play that introduced players to a sensation that inspired a more interactive play not seen before. The game quickly gained popularity in the US with many more hit sequels that included new dance moves and songs.

Over ten years later the original exercise eccentric game is still popular, encouraging people of all ages to get off the couch and move while having fun.

How Does DanceDanceRevolution Work?

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Dance Dance Revolution combines a video game timing style of game play that is mixed with music and dancing. The premise is simple. Dance tracks play in the background while arrows move upwards on the screen that must be tappped on a dance pad in a specific series of timing to gain points. The more arrows that are hit in a series, the higher the combo rating and the more points are received.

This newest iteration includes the traditional game play, but also includes a new style that integrate upper body movements with the Wii remote and Wii Balance Board. I enjoyed many of the newer dance tracks included in the game. Being off the couch and physically moving in a game of skill while listening to music eluded the idea that I was even exercising. The cardio performed playing this game made me sweat and lose my breath but kept me coming back for more.

What Are Others Saying About DanceDanceRevolution

Many people love this game for the entertainment value while hiding any discontent for exercising. Ana Franco has being using iterations of the franchise for exercise purposes for some time. As Lynn says, It’s a big hit for players of all ages. Multiplayer modes make exercising with friends a blast.

Dance Dance Revolution also has a proven history of helping to lose weight. In fact, the prior versions of the game were so well liked and received for it’s exercise value, The Today Show featured the game in a segment for children's health.

How Much Weight Will I Lose Playing DanceDanceRevolution?

Dance Dance Revolution is not advertised as a weight loss regimen, but as a video game. Still though, DanceDanceRevolution has a long history of users losing weight through a heavy cardio routine that rivals that of Latin dancing. As with any cardio, your mileage may vary. But players have reported in the past losing a few pounds all the way to about a hundred.

Problems And Complaints

While DanceDance is a very fun game and a great medium for exercise, it does have it’s caveats. This is the newest addition to the DanceDance franchise, and as such the developers tried to breath new life into the game. That new life makes for great game play, but Lexi often found the traditional game play a little slow for a high impact cardio exercise. The newest play list of music was just to slow, unless you played in the choreographed mode of the game.

Wendy Hilger complained of the lack of tutorials, especially in multi player modes. Playing with more then two players was confusing and left players guessing what to do.

Did You Know?

DanceDanceRevolution originally started in Japan and became a hit. Later the game was brought to the US and scoffed at. DanceDance grew in popularity slowly in the arcades until it became a full blow hit. Later, competitions were held world wide for the most accurate and fanciest moves players could show off.

DanceDanceRevolution is heralded as the first “exergame”, a video game that combines game play with heavy exercise. Many critics viewed this game as a savior to the younger generation to help get them off the couch and moving again. In fact, the game was so effective at getting players to exercise, lose weight, and gain stamina, that the game was spotlighted on NBC’s “The Today Show” and was introduced in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, day cares, and gyms as a physical fitness aid.

How Does DanceDanceRevolution Rate Overall?

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DanceDanceRevolution is an outstanding product with a proven record for both weight loss and entertainment. I have personally used this as a weight loss aid on two separate occasions over a ten year period. The game is cheaper then most home exercise equipment and gym memberships while bringing the family and friends together for evening entertainment.

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