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I understand that the idea of losing weight can be daunting if not even depressing. When you think of weight loss programs you imagine boring abdominal crunches and running on the treadmill. Well I am here to tell you that exercise has come a long way and today there are numerous exercise options at your disposal including dancing!

Dancing is definitely a fun way to lose weight and a type of workout that you are going to want to do, not dread to do. In this article we are going to outline a program called "Dance Off Inches Hip Hop Party DVD". This at home program may be exactly what you’re looking for.

How Does "Dance Off Inches Hip Hop Party DVD" Work?

In the short video below you can see a demonstration of the way that this "Dance Off Inches Hip Hop Party DVD" works. In these segments of the workout DVD Jennifer Galardi is going through some basic moves that are not only fun to perform but they also burn fat and they help you sculpt your physique and make a beautiful body.

Jennifer Galardi is the creator and instructor for this workout program and she has created a unique and exciting dance routine that is not only fun to learn but is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. There are three different styles of hip hop utilized during this program to add variety to the moves and always keep you on your toes.

What’s great about this workout program is that whether this is your first time learning the moves or this is your 10th time, it never gets old because the music is great and the moves are fun to do. Jennifer Galardi has taken traditional weight loss methods and left them behind, introducing dance as a new cardio option for people looking for more during their weight loss journey.

What Are Others Saying – Does the "Dance Off Inches Hip Hop Party DVD" Really Deliver?

By taking the time to learn from current customers what they think of the program you may be saving yourself a lot of time if this is not what you’re looking for or simply confirming that you are on the right track by choosing this DVD.

Gail from Iowa owns several different dance workout DVDs but has found Jennifer’s version to be by far the best. The step guide that is included on the DVD allows you to slowly and at your own pace learn some of the complicated dance steps before heading into the workout and this is a valuable resource.

A user by the name FitnessFan says that the workout of 41minutes in total simply flies by as you are enjoying the moves and the music so much you barely notice time going by. This particular DVD offers a bit more advanced moves but nothing even a beginner can’t grasp.

Little Miss Cutey from Melbourne, Australia comments on what a great dancer the instructor is, although she as a user is not! Jennifer has created this workout program so that you are not required to be a professional dancer in order to reap the weight loss benefits associated with her program. This is an important feature to keep in mind.

Demonstration of the "Dance Off Inches Hip Hop Party DVD"

Below you can watch a short video clip of this "Hip Hop Party DVD" in which Jennifer Galardi herself is giving a small introduction regarding her workout DVD and she is also going through some exercises.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

There is the capacity to lose a great deal of weight but utilizing this workout DVD on a regular basis, 3-4 times per week for example. Many people have never thought of dancing to be a workout but it most definitely is a form of cardio and one that should not be overlooked.

It really doesn’t matter how you achieve your cardio workout, it matters how intense the cardio is during the workout. Jennifer has created a fun dance routine that doesn’t feel like work but it does burn high amounts of calories and this is a winning combination for anyone dreading their weight loss journey.

Pros and Cons


  • You don’t have to be a professional dancer to learn the dance moves
  • A step guide is included to help you get started
  • This is a fun way to achieve your cardio workout
  • Affordable
  • Can be done from the comfort of your own home


  • Some users say the moves are too repetitive
  • Doesn’t provide the high intensity workout some are searching for

Problems and Complaints

It is important to be aware of what people don’t like about a program as well as what they do like so you can get a clear picture of a product. The major problem I found associated with this DVD workout is that many people found the moves to be repetitive which in turn made the workout boring.

As you can imagine this is a personal preference and opinion that many other users did not share. This is something you will have to decide for yourself but it is important to be aware that this opinion has been stated.

I Don’t Know How To Dance – Can I Use this Program?

This is a very common question people ask when they are considering a dancing workout program to help them meet their weight loss goals. For many programs, the answer is no, although there are some more advanced regimes on the market today that do.

Many of the exercise programs and instructors have taken the time to include what are known as step guides to help you learn some of the basics before you even begin the workout.

This can reduce frustration and help you progress and get the most out of your workout in a shorter period of time. As long as you are willing to be patient, you don’t have to be a pro to get the hang of this dancing DVD.

How Does the "Dance Off Inches Hip Hop Party DVD" Rate Overall?

Overall, this product was given a 4 star rating on This is an excellent rating, proving that the majority of people were happy with their purchase and only a few found it to be repetitive.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the "Dance Off Inches Hip Hop Party DVD"?

If you have made your decision and are ready to begin your weight loss journey with this product you can find it at a 43% discounted price through Here you can also read more reviews and learn even more about the product to only confirm you have made the right decision.

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