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Pilates can be a fun and enjoyable way to exercise and get healthy. The idea of pilates is to lengthen and tone your muscles, not just burn calories. Pilates has many benefits that you just can’t receive from a normal, fast paced, cardio exercise. The joy of pilates comes to the Wii for the first time with Daisy Fuentes Pilates video game.

How Does Daisy Fuentes Pilates Work?

The video game is pretty straight forward. Daisy Fuentes, animated as an avatar, guided me through a variation of pilates routines. Each routine has a varying number of reps with varying difficulties. My progress is tracked in five day blocks, or completion of exercises. Routines are either kicked off by a preset, random, or custom chosen routines.

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Does Daisy Fuentes Pilates Really Deliver?

Daisey Fuentes Pilates was designed as an exercise tool first and a video game second. With that said, I found neither to be all the useful. As a video game, Daisy Fuentes Pilates is not very entertaining. And as an exercise tool, it’s not very robust. The game will deliver some results to help tone your body and increase your flexibility.

But I found the limited number of exercises to lose my interest too quickly. I never found that continued motivation to keep following the routines. In fact I started to dread using the game. I have found similar complaints from other users like Janine Smith who points out that “there a strong lack of exercises and variety”. 

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Daisy Fuentes Pilates offers no real exercise resistance. The exercises are there, all though very limited. I found myself plateauing very quickly with this program. The issue isn’t with pilates itself, but rather the function of the game. There are far to few exercises and skill levels to progress very far. The few exercises that are present aren't enough to keep even a beginner going for very long. I lost interest very quickly, making the game useless.

Problems And Complaints

Daisy Fuentes Pilates is a good first attempt at a strict pilates exercise game for the Wii. But it has a lot of faults making it difficult to recommend. These complaints seem to be very unanimous from I’ve read.

As IrishFire points out, the game only offers ten exercises. That’s it. There is no expansion. And it is not ten exercises per skill level. The entire game only offers ten.

The amount of reps are very limited. Most of the standard routines will only offer five reps. Even while customizing a work out I was only able to squeeze out ten reps per exercise. It’s simply not enough. The limited amount of exercises and reps make this boring and offers little challenge.

R Thompson stated that Daisy Fuentes Pilates has a lot of trouble recognizing the reps performed. All Wii exercise games seem to have this problem to some degree, but it’s a little excessive with this game. Combining the fact that you can only perform very limited reps and exercises by making them overly frustrating made me want to stop using this product.

Pilates Does Have It’s Uses.

Pilates can be a very interesting exercise to practice. Much like yoga, it is a more eastern and holistic approach to health by combining mind and body. Daisy Fuentes Pilates offers enough of an introduction to pilates to determine if it may be something that peaks your interest.

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How Does Daisy Fuentes Pilates Rate Overall?

This could be a great introduction to pilates. The few dollars this game costs compared to a class could save a lot of money to find out that you don’t like pilates. But to use this as an exercise or weight loss tool by itself is not something I can recommend. The limitations imposed by this game make any kind of weight loss goal hard to realize.

The same routine becomes very old and boring very quickly. If I was able to move past the constant repetition I’m still not sure I would see any results from the limitations and simplicity posed on the few exercises.

Where Can I Purchase Daisy Fuentes Pilates And Read More Reviews?

Amazon currently has Daisy Fuentes Pilates on sale for rather cheap. You can buy this product with a 30% discount.  Past consumers have also left reviews to read at your discretion. Read more reviews here.

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