Cures A-Z iPhone App Review: Your Pocket Encyclopedia for a Healthy Life

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Ever find your self on the train, in a plane, on a boat, or walking with a goat, and had to have that ever life changing answer to cure life’s illnesses? I find myself in this situation all the time. And just in case you are like me, I’d like to introduce you to Cures A-Z.

Cures A-Z is an iOS app. Yes, it is compatible with all iOS devices. So whether you’re off in Paris and stuck only with your iPad or chilling out on the subways with your iTouch, it will work. The app requires very little internet connectivity keeping the majority of data on your device. What little it does require is for a daily newsletter that brings you different tips, tricks, and ideas to try on your long term goal towards a better healthy living style.

Look and Feel

The look and feel of the app is very minimalist. Instead of going for a bright rainbow effect, the app stays pretty neutral with a small splash of color to give it a little appeal. Everything is pretty easy on the eyes and isn’t overly busy. Cures is mostly text and the developer seemed to grasp the idea that the app was about info, so this is welcoming.

Navigation is also pretty simple. Cures only has four tabs down at the bottom of the screen. The information related to each tab is displayed on the screen in a sliding list. Click on the article you want to read and, when done, click the back button. It’s pretty easy and fast to move around.

Speed isn’t an issue either. I’ve been taking a look at some apps lately that are just painfully slow. I know the latest and greatest iPhone 4 has some hefty hardware, but some of us are still on the 3G, and the rarer few on the original iPhone. For not being a game or a graphically intense program, I am always baffled why apps moves slow. This isn’t one of them, and that gets my kudos.

The information in the app doesn’t seem all that inaccurate either. Cures is unique because it introduces both an eastern and western medical approach. It may recommend a daily dose of vitamins and herbs, but also include clinical remedies to discuss with your doctor. Background information is listed to a smaller degreel.

Let’s Take a Tour

So I’ve spent enough time discussing the apps aesthetics. Lets at least get you through a quick walk through. Like I said, there are four tabs at the bottom of the app. When you first start Cures you begin at the “A-Z” tab.

The A-Z tab is the heart of the app. Here you will find all of your detriments and illnesses that haunt your life. Each are listed in alphabetical order. I know, it’s shocking! After clicking on your disease of choice, you’re presented with background and treatment information. Both are separated on their own pages.

Next we move along to the nutritional tab. This is the same as the A-Z tab, but instead it focuses on nutritional information rather then ailments. I would take a good read through this stuff. It’s handy to pick up a few tips to help live a better life.

We continue on our quick five minute journey to the newsletter tab. If you don’t have a data connection then just keep moving along because you won’t see much here. If you do, then you can be treated to a different digest to read everyday. The newsletter does have some fun facts and things to read. It might make for something interesting when you are performing your morning glory. I mean, it’s better then that tabloid you picked up anyway.

And last, but not least, the “More” tab. You’ll find various little tidbits here. It’s mostly other generalized stuff that could be useful that doesn’t really find a home in the other three tabs. It’ll give you something to look at for a few minutes, but after visiting this tab once you’ll never really go back to it.


So, we come to the finale. Our journey has been long and great, but ultimately we must part ways and there’s a chance you may want to know what I think. Well the app isn’t half bad. Its easy to look at and is a tiny download. Almost no space is robbed from your idevice. Some of the information is useful. I wouldn't use it as an emergency guide. But yes, I would recommend it. The information isn’t bad and it may help you to create a healthier, happier you.

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