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If someone were to tell me that I could lose 25 pounds in 8 weeks without making major lifestyle changes, I would tell them to keep dreaming. However, in her best-selling book, Crack the Fat-Loss Code, author Wendy Chant suggests that by making changes to the way we think about our diets, we can do just that. For me personally, weight loss has always been a struggle.

The prospect of losing 25 pounds in just two months without yo-yo dieting, deprivation, or constant exercise is immensely appealing... but is it too good to be true?

What Is the Book About?

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Author Wendy Chant outlines a few basic concepts which can assist us in changing the way we think about eating. Chant's basic concept is that we can maximize the beneficial parts of our diet by scheduling when meals take place and what they consist of. The term she uses to describe this is “macro-patterning,” which essentially means creating positive patterns in how and what we eat.

Chant splits her program into three parts:

Part 1
Re-program the way your body processes food.

Part 2
Learn to eat healthier foods without feeling restricted, deprived, or repressed.

Part 3
In this part, Wendy details how to make your changes permanent to avoid the diet merry-go-round which many of us are all too familiar with.

What Others Are Saying - Does Crack the Fat-Loss Code Really Deliver?

For many readers, Crack the Fat-Loss Code has provided a much-needed boost to push them over the constant dieting plateau. I know that yo-yo dieting is a real problem in the weight loss world because I've done it myself time and time again.

Cynthia bought the book and read it the same night. She wanted to learn how to eat right and lose weight. Cynthia could not understand why she was overweight although she was exercising regularly. Crack the Fat Loss Code showed Cynthia that she was eating too many of the wrong carbs. "I realized....I was a carb-junkie", explains Cynthia. Following Wendy's book, Cynthia lost 12 lbs and her body fat dropped from 26.5% to 21.5%. "I also lost 4 ½ inches in my waist and 3 ½ inches in my chest", says Cynthia who strongly recommends Wendy's book and bootcamp.

Naturally, any book which claims to have a definitive weight loss answer raises my suspicion, but I also found myself intrigued with the concept behind Wendy Chant's popular book. I know the power that an overall diet strategy can have on one's chances for success, so the thought of creating a strategy for maximizing one's eating habits makes sense on a basic level.

Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

If my predicament described above sounds painfully familiar to you, Crack the Fat-Loss Code may have what it takes to improve your odds at weight loss success and stability. Will it help you lose weight? If you are a chronic dieter like me, weight is the only thing one has to lose.

Glowing readers like Thomas Cannold rave about the book's ability to improve existing diet plans Thomas lost 20 pounds and felt inspired by Crack the Fat-Loss Code. "I can't tell you how thrilled I am to write this word -- THIN, and incredibly fit", says Thomas.

Pros and Cons


  • Details a down to earth, practical approach to weight loss.
  • Written by a professional body-builder, personal trainer and gym owner, Wendy Chant is an acknowledged professional in her field.
  • Well-organized into easy to read, logically ordered sections.


  • Some reviewers found the book to be repetitive or monotonous.
  • Other reviewers commented that the advice and tips offered are mostly common sense or found in other diet books.
  • Nutritional values in published recipes may vary drastically based on individual preparations.

Problems and Complaints

Reviewers generally rated the book highly. However, negative reviewers frequently complained about a lack of original research and ideas.

Reader M. Doyle noted that recipes found in Crack the Fat-Loss Code appear to vary from the published nutritional facts when prepared, calling into question their overall nutritional value and benefit to a dieter.

Additionally, Doyle noted that much of the advice, such as “eat a balanced and varied diet,” could fall under the category of common sense.

Other readers cited the book as containing too much “fluff” and previously covered material related to weight loss.

Is Crack the Fat-Loss Code Better Than Other Diet Books?

Crack the Fat-Loss Code presents a similar take on weight loss when compared to other diet books. But the comparison seems to end there, as the results readers experience seem to surpass the general nature of the information presented in the book.

A great majority of readers seem to have been inspired by author Wendy Chant's spin on the subject, perhaps due to her extensive and varied experience with the world of dieting and exercise.

How Does the Book Rate Overall?

Reviewers gave Crack the Fat-Loss Code by Wendy Chant a 4 star rating out of 5 possible stars. On average, reviewers said that the book details a practical, inspired route to permanent weight loss from an expert in the field.

Where Can I Buy it and Where Can I Read More Reviews?

Crack the Fat-Loss Code is currently in stock and able to be purchased at a discount on is currently offering Super Saver Shipping on this item with orders over $25. Read more reviews here.

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