Compare Treadmills to Treadclimbers - What Helps Losing Weight Faster?

The dispute between treadmills and treadclimbers, each seen as better than the other to lose weight, is growing day by day. This happens mostly because people tend to praise one or the other.

The fact is you can’t say one is better, but what can be said is that one of them is faster. And as far as my experience goes, people who want to lose weight want to do it fast.

The treadmill is a machine that works with only one belt and uses incline up to 15% and speed up to 13mph. Most treadmills have consoles with useful preset workouts and additional gadgets (such as the heart reading system and entertainment features).

The treadclimber is more diversified

The treadclimber is more diversified, as it works as 3 machines into one, treadmill, elliptical and stair climber. Main difference between these 2 machines is that treadclimbers have 2 belts, one for each foot, which allows users to make two movements at the same time, climbing and walking.

On a treadmill the key to successful weight loss workouts is speed endurance, which is not easy to gain. Only if you follow a daily workout routine you see the results of your hard work, and this happens on a long run. The perk is that some treadmills offer feedback on how much weight you lose according to your age and weight. This is a great feature, since those who want to lose weight are deeply focused on their performance so that they can improve it.

With treadclimbers, things are almost the same. They also include exercise feedback and they come with preset weight loss workouts. But their advantage is that they work faster. They work with intensities higher than those of a treadmill, which means you see the same results but 3 times faster.

A treadclimber’s maximum speed is lower than a treadmill’s. This could mean it’s less efficient. But it's a false presumption.

The key with this machine resides in its movements

The key with this machine resides in its movements. It provides resistance, which leads to intensity. And you can rest assured you’ll be working out all your core muscles at the same time.

I’ve tried both these machines to lose the extra pounds, and I admit they are both efficient. But it takes time to build endurance on the treadmill, time that not everybody disposes of.

On the other hand, treadclimbers can offer results from the first 7 days of workout, because 10 minutes on the treadclimber are much more effective than 10 minutes on the treadmill.

If you read this article until the end, it means you are looking for a solution to your weight problems. From my point of view, treadclimbers have proven their efficiency, 3 times faster than a treadmill, which is good enough for me to recommend this machine to those fighting with weight issues.

If you’re interested in finding out more about treadclimbers, I recommend the Bowflex Treadclimbers Reviews from my personal website.

This is a guest article written by Anna Moore, a runner and tester for

Nice information.i feel tread

Nice information.i feel tread climber is a better machine when it comes to losing weight quickly treadmill are no match to treadmills.

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