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Gastric Bypass And Alcoholism: Trading Food For Alcohol

More and more studies are showing that those who have weight loss surgeries may end up with another addiction after their surgery. Medical experts state that between 5 and 30% of patients who undergo gastric bypass operations will switch from an addiction to food to something else. This is known as addiction transfer and the most common swaps involve alcohol, smoking, gambling, shopping, and exercise.

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How To Lose Weight On A Budget - Save Dollars And Lose Pounds.

Tightening the purse strings doesn’t necessarily mean waving goodbye to the weight loss diet and workouts. With these smart strategies you can save money and still lose weight, all at the same time.

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Power Yoga And Weight Loss. A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Many of us would probably not necessarily have thought that traditional yoga and weight loss would be in the one category. However, power yoga can help you with your weight loss program. You may not lose weight as rapidly as you would running around the jogging park, or hitting the gym, but you will still shed pounds. Better still, as the pounds slip away, your mind and body will also be benefiting from the well documented positives that yoga brings.

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You Are What You Sip. What Are The Best Drinks On A Diet?

When on a diet we are all concentrating on what foods we are eating, or not. Are we counting carbs, fat grams, calories, or something else? However, it can be very easy to forget to factor in the drinks. Apart from plain water, herbal teas, and black tea or coffee, most other beverages may well impact on your diet. In fact, a study from the University of North Carolina has revealed that the average American is drinking an astonishing 450 calories more per day than 30 years ago. The damage if you are not burning it off?

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Five Weight Loss Truths To Prevent Accidental Diet Sabotage

Being diet smart can make all the difference in the battle of the bulge. No matter which diet you are following, or are selecting from, there are some simple home truths that apply to any weight loss campaign. Ignore these weight loss truths and you may find you are inadvertently sabotaging your diet.

Not all calories are created equal.

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Sleeping And Weight Loss. A Bigger Sleep Means A Smaller Waist

Have you tried everything and are still not losing weight? Eating sensibly, and getting plenty of exercise, but still the pounds are not budging? Are you getting enough quality sleep? Research has shown a definite link between insufficient shut eye and excess weight. Yes, your dress size can shrink when you add a good night's sleep to your diet campaign. Read on for the link between sleeping and weight loss.

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White Tea For Weight Loss & Natural Fat Burning

In breakthrough news for dieters everywhere, a study from Germany has just revealed that white tea extract has the ability to attack human fat cells in two ways. Yes, you read right. That hot cuppa could be all you need for natural and effective fat burning. The natural extract of white tea for weight loss looks to be a breakthrough for those with excess pounds who are seeking a safe solution that works.

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Reverse Dieting. Eat A Big Breakfast For A Smaller Dress Size

Many of us have heard of backwards diets, but often the thought of porridge for the evening meal is enough to stop many of us before we finish reading the article. Do you really have to eat pasta for breakfast and muesli for dinner when reverse dieting? How does this diet work? Read on to see how you can get a smaller dress size by eating a bigger breakfast and a smaller dinner.

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Walk And Lose Weight Successfully And Rapidly

So you don't like hitting the gym? Embarrassed to be seen running or jogging in your present state? Can't afford a treadmill? Well, all is not lost. Recent research has shown that you do not need to actually run or even jog to shift those pesky pounds. Yes, that's right. You can go for a brisk walk and lose weight successfully.

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The New Atkins Diet. Have Your Carbs And Lose Weight Too.

We all know about the original Atkin's Diet, made famous by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston. Over the years we may or may not have attempted this particular diet. However, one of the main difficulties with this diet was the absence of carbs. Foods such as bread, rice, potatoes, and muesli, were struck off the pantry shelf forever. For many of us, this was just too hard to maintain long term. The new Atkin's diet, as the name would suggest, has addressed this issue.

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