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You’re Dieting Wrong

By Kirstin Chock

The definition of dieting has evolved.  Dieting means to go on an all liquid diet, be a vegetarian, and/or skip breakfast, when the exact definition, according to the dictionary, is that dieting is managing food and drink consumption. 

People need to stick to the exact, literal meaning of the definition of dieting in order to see lasting results.  The problem is that the media does not portray this method or educate people about this and that the media has such a strong influence over the actions people take.  Yet, realistically, since the media cannot be abolished, the one thing that people do have control over is educating themselves to take the real steps to improving their quality of life.

The popular way is the wrong way

If you are contemplating if you should do a popular, “fad” diet, do not do it.  Many studies have proven this to be true.  According to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health reported that that over a ten-year time frame, dieters were more likely to gain weight than the non-dieters. 

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How To Lose Weight On Vacation

Vacation time has rolled around again. While we all look forward to the rest and relaxation, many of us dread hopping back on the bathroom scales when we return. Skipping the workout routine, and possibly eating and drinking more, can sometimes pack a weight gain wallop. No-one really wants to be the diet police on their vacation. How do you not gain weight on vacation? Better still, follow these tips on how to lose weight on vacation.

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Melon Extract Extramel Prevents Obesity From High Fat Diet.

There has been an exciting breakthrough for those dieters who have problems avoiding the fat grams in their daily diet. An antioxidant known as Extramel has been shown to have fat burning properties and prevent obesity when given to hamsters fed a high fat diet.

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Food Allergies And Weight Loss. Are Allergies Hindering Your Diet?

Are you genuinely struggling to lose weight? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get the scales to budge? Does this sound like you? Well perhaps you have food sensitivities that are preventing you from losing weight. Recent studies have consistently shown that those dieters who just cannot lose weight can have remarkable weight loss successes after identifying their food sensitivities.

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Weight Loss Surgery Pros Include Reduced Cancer Risk For Women

Two separate studies recently released have both shown that possibly one of the most impressive weight loss surgery pros is the proven reduction in cancers for women. 

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Do Nuts Make You Fat? No, You Can Eat Nuts And Lose Weight!

If like me, you just love your cashews, or almonds, but consider them fattening and a no-go zone, take heart and read on. A recent study has revealed that you can eat nuts and lose weight. Better still, eating nuts regularly may actually decrease your chances of obesity.

The Study.

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Link Between Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass And Kidney Stones

Researchers at John Hopkins have released statistics showing that patients who have undergone the gastric bypass surgery known as Roux-en-Y have an increased risk for forming kidney stones post surgery.

While in the past surgeons have known about the increased incidence of kidney stones in post weight loss surgery patients, surgeons did not associate this with the Roux-en Y procedure.

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What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight Forever.

Tired of dieting and then regaining all those lost pounds? Here is great news for dieters who enjoy their breakfast. A recent study has shown that consuming a breakfast that is stacked in protein and high in the usually avoided carbs will not only allow you to lose weight, but more importantly help prevent the dreaded weight rebound a few months down the track. The catch? The remainder of the day should have you eating a diet that is both low in calories and carbs. 

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Handling Dieting And Hunger. Weight Loss Needn’t Mean Starving

Why is it that the minute you go on a diet your appetite kicks up a notch or two and you spend the whole time feeling like you’re starving? Is your mind playing games on you? How can you avoid the dreaded hunger that is often associated with dieting and often leads to diet sabotage? Read on for these handy tips on handling dieting and hunger.

Inappropriate breakfast.
Eating too little, or the wrong things in the morning can set you up for an awful diet day. Research consistently shows that those who skip breakfast weigh more than those who don‘t. Avoid high sugar, high fat, high GI foods for breakfast as these will have you hungry and searching for unhealthy snacks sooner rather than later.

Foods containing lean protein, and low GI foods, such as oats with skim milk, will leave you satisfied for longer, without the dreaded sugar crash and starvation. Great breakfast selections include yogurt and berries, grainy breads, and scrambled eggs or omelets.

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Healthy Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight it can be easy to get caught up in counting calories, sugars, and fat grams, and totally forget about the actual nutrition of the food itself. Incorporating some of these foods into your weight loss program will ensure that you still lose the pounds, but also reap the health benefits.

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