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Is Bariatric Surgery Successful in the Long Term? Research Says Yes

If you’ve ever watched someone who has had bariatric surgery making dramatic progress in weight loss, you might wonder whether these effects are long-lasting.  So many people who lose weight in other ways gain it back in a few years:  Will the same thing happen to those who have weight loss surgery?

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Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes: Gastric Banding or Conventional Approach?

The rate of type 2 diabetes has been increasing in recent years, and health researchers expect it to be one of the most important public health challenges in the near future.  Type 2 diabetes usually develops in adulthood and in some cases can be resolved (taken into remission) with appropriate lifestyle changes.  Many patients with Type 2 diabetes are also obese, and for those patients, weight loss is an important factor in improving their condition or completely curing it.

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Low-Carb Versus Low-Fat Diets: Which One Is Better?

South Beach. Atkins. The Zone. Low-carb diets have been in fashion for several years, especially those that promise no calorie restrictions, but so have numerous low-fat diets and diet foods. But which should you choose? Is a low-carb diet better than a low-fat one, or is it the other way around? Is low-carb dieting OK for your heart?

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