Chuck Norris Total Gym XLS Review, Exercises and Complaints

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Endorsed by Chuck Norris, the Total Gym XLS accommodates both beginners and seasoned fitness masters alike. I always appreciate a gym that is tailored to help beginners get started without expecting them to adjust to the program overnight.

The idea of gravity based resistance allows anyone to get a great workout on this machine, regardless of previous fitness experience.

How Does the Total Gym XLS Work?

The Total Gym XLS works by using your own body weight as resistance. By adjusting the incline you are able to increase or lower that resistance. This is a great feature for anyone who is looking to start off from square one, as it allows you to gradually build strength and increase the resistance over time.

This gym can be used for a full body workout or to target specific areas and the DVD and exercise chart that is included provide you with plenty of exercises to get started right away.

Demo - What Exercises Can You Do With the Total Gym XLS?

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The Total Gym offers a huge array of exercises. I cannot think of an exercise machine that allows you to workout effectively almost every single muscle of your body.

Whether you are a fitness trainer and work with clients or a physical therapist prescribing rehab exercises or a guy who works out in you own home, the Total Gym offers terrific exercises for all different levels and athletic abilities.

What Others Are Saying - Does the Total Gym XLS Really Deliver?

One of the greatest advantages of the Total Gym XLS is its ease of use.

According to George Riggs, a reviewer on Amazon, the Total Gym XLS is easy to set up and store. “The Total Gym seems solid,” he says, talking about the gym’s ability to hold a person’s weight and function properly.

Anthony G Wedgeworth reported that he was satisfied with the Total Gym, saying “What a great workout!”

Will It Help Me Lose Weight/Get Fit?

The Total Gym XLS will give you all that you need to accomplish your personal fitness goals, and has received numerous great reviews to that effect.

Perry S. Savino believes that this gym provides an excellent workout, saying in his review, “I have been very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the workout I receive from this machine.” Read his review here.

Based on all of the other reviews on the Total Gym I’ve seen, I believe that this gym will give you back everything that you put into it.

Pros and Cons


  • The Total Gym is capable of providing a full body workout to anyone, regardless of prior exercise experience
  • The gym is able to fold and be stored away and then set up again quickly and easily
  • DVDs and exercise charts are included that make it easy to create your own workout or follow an existing one


  • The wheels and bearings tend to wear out easily and may need to be replaced periodically

Problems and Complaints

The only real complaint about the Total Gym XLS is that the wheels and bearings have a tendency to wear out and need to be replaced sooner than expected. Most of the reviewers on Amazon are more than satisfied with the functionality and ease of use the Total Gym gives them.

How to Set Up the Total Gym XLX - A Thorough Review

Can You Add Attachments to the Total Gym XLS?

There are many available attachments to the Total Gym XLS, but I would be cautious, as reviewers have stated that some of the attachments have proven less useful than others. To me, the Ab Crunch attachment looks the most attractive and one reviewer reported that it helped him with his six pack.

How Does the Total Gym XLS Rate Overall?

This gym rates extremely well at 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Not only is the Total Gym XLS easy to use and store, but other than minor wheel and bearing issues, it is durable as well.

Included are plenty of resources that allow you to learn and perform a wide variety of exercises and you can design a workout that is tailored to your schedule whether you have 15 minutes or over an hour of time to work out.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Total Gym XLS?

From what I’ve seen, Amazon seems to have the best deal on this unit online, as you can purchase it at a discount. They also have free shipping, which is convenient and helps save even more money. There are plenty of reviews on Amazon for this gym as well, and they all say pretty good things. Hey, Chuck Norris uses it so it has to be good, right? Read more reviews, here.

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