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Benefits of Realize Band Surgery

The following is a transcript of a doctor “Beth” talking about the benefits that she has seen firsthand from patients of hers that have become successes of the Realize Lap Band System.

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Trudy’s Testimonial On Realize Adjustable Gastric Band

Realize Lap Band patient “Trudy” is excited about her success with her recent weight loss surgery and she has created a video testimonial for the Realize system, which you can watch on YouTube.

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Weight loss surgery For Teens: Can it Reverse Obesity?

Research shows that weight loss surgery for teens is not effective if their BMI’s (Body Mass Index) are in their 50’s or higher.

In the last decade weight loss surgery has been one of the most sought after procedures in the United States. This is in great part due to the fact that we have the largest obesity problem in the entire world. The saddest part of this is the fact that more teenagers are being diagnosed as overweight.

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Is Atkins High Protein Diet Safe? Flies Live Longer In Low Protein Diet.

Flies that are being fed an "anti-Atkins" low protein diet live more because their mitochondria work better, a recent study suggests. The project, completed at the Buck Institute for Age Research, reveals that the molecular mechanisms that control longevity in flies can be useful for understanding the human aging process as well as diseases like cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

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Weight Loss Surgery Risks: Iron Deficiency

Weight loss surgery is one way many people choose to lose weight; Often, an iundesired outcome of this procedure is the inability of the patient's body to absorb iron. Lack of iron in the body is a problem after stomach bypass surgery and standard iron supplementation just is not enough to correct this issue for some patients.

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Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction

VASER® Ultrasonic Liposuction is the most recent addition to a large procedure program presented by Dr. Evan Sorokin at Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery ( This innovative alternative has enlightened the minds of many patients thinking about liposuction in the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas for its capability to get rid of excess fat more accurately and easily than typical methods.

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Weight Loss Surgery Revision: From Vertical Banding Gastroplasty to Gastric bypass - A Real Story.

In one of the episodes of Weight Loss Surgery Journeys, featured at WeightLossSurgeryChannel, 43 year old Debra Flores was interviewed by host Yvonne Mcarthy. Debra has been through a lot in her lifetime. At the age of 20, she gained eighty pounds during her first pregnancy. Unfortunately her love for baking and love for food prevented her from losing the weight she had gained from the pregnancy. During her second pregnancy she gained even more weight. Her maximum weight was 227 pounds.

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Realize My Success: A Post-Operative Support Tool For Gastric Bypass And Sleeve Gastrectomy Patients.

Many post-operative weight loss surgery patients find it hard to keep up with their follow up plan. Some of them often revert into their bad eating habits, neglecting to take their vitamin supplement pills, and wind up in serious weight gain issues within the first few years. That is why Ethicon Endo-Surgery created the Realize Band Weight Loss Surgery Program.

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Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery – Removal Guarantees Scarring?

After a patient has gone through weight lost surgery, there is typically excess loose skin  that remains. This is a big issue for many patients because loose skin is esthetically unpleasant and reminds them of  the bodies they had before they lost the weight. Thankfully, many plastic surgeons have been trained to perform plastic surgeries on patients to remove loose skin after weight loss surgery.

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Lap-Band Versus Gastric Band - Which One Has Greater Weight Loss?

When a doctor discusses the options with a patient about weight loss surgery, they talk about the differences between having the Gastric Bypass Surgery and the Lap-Band System. It really comes down to multiple factors.

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