Celebrity Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy Weight

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Recent photos of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton in a bikini and the criticism of actress Jessica Simpson’s ballooning pregnancy weight show us celebrities are under a huge amount of pressure. They are expected to stay healthy and fit, even when pregnant.

Weight gain during pregnancy is a desired and expected outcome. A steady gain of 1.5-2kg (3-4lb) per month through a controlled calorie intake is to be celebrated not feared. It is the growing of your body and baby. By maintaining your pregnancy weight gain within the healthy range you are ensuring the kilos will be easier to shift after the birth.

Unlike celebrities, most women do not have a personal chef, prenatal trainer and personal assistant to manage their weight gain or postnatal weight loss. However there are plenty of celebrity tips for maintaining a healthy body and losing weight after the birth. We’ve listed down a few tips which won’t cost you a thing and will keep you looking like a star.

Increase Caloric Intake Moderately and Progressively

Jessica Simpson taught us “Don’t eat for two adults". She came under heavy scrutiny last year as she piled on weight during her pregnancy and it refused to budge afterwards. She was quoted as saying she ate anything full of sugar and she didn't realize the weight didn't all melt off with the baby. In the first trimester, women do not need to increase their calorie intake. As the pregnancy progresses an extra 300 calories per day and an extra 450 calories per day during the third trimester, is required. This should be done through increasing the amount of nutritious food we eat.  Sugary snacks should be seen as an occasional treat as in any healthy eating plan. You wouldn’t give a glass of soft drink to newborn baby. It pays to keep in mind that the baby growing inside you is eating what you eat.

Listen to Your Cravings But Don't Succumb to Them

Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr, was back on the catwalk in her lingerie within months of giving birth to her son. On her blog she explained we should listen to our cravings, not succumb to them.  Cravings are the body’s way of telling us it is lacking in certain nutrients. During pregnancy women often need extra nutrients, which they might not normally get enough of from their everyday diet. Rather than eat a tub of ice cream or a hamburger there are healthy alternatives, which can give the body what it wants.  Cravings for dairy or sweet things may indicate a need for energy or a drop in your blood sugar. Ice cubes and ice blocks can indicate a lack of iron. Chocolate cravings may be your body telling you that you need magnesium, not another block of chocolate.

Take Frequent Naps

Kim Kardashian credits her continuing good looks during pregnancy with “plenty of naps.” Instead of pushing through the day with energy drinks, caffeine and sugary snacks, she has a short power nap. Having a nap whenever you feel tired, helps her avoid the need for empty calories and adding unnecessary kilos. Pregnant women are often fatigued, especially during early and late pregnancy. This is due to the hormone imbalance and the changes going on in your body. Many women report that they have difficulty sleeping at night. So take Kim’s advice and rather than soldier through, take a quick 30 min nap whenever you can during the day. This should leave you feeling refreshed and more energetic.


Jenna Dewan-Tatum, actress and wife of Channing Tatum, is the spokeswoman for staying active during pregnancy and she is often pictured walking around West Hollywood in her workout gear. While during late pregnancy it can be difficult to stay active, exercise is exactly what pregnant bodies need to prepare for labor and keep the excess weight in check. Walking, aqua aerobics, prenatal yoga or Pilates, are all recommended moderate exercises for pregnant women to keep active and toned.

Stay Socially Engaged

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, shows us that staying engaged in work, hobbies and with your partner is important for your physical and mental health.  If you continue to sustain your interests outside the home and connect with your partner you are more likely to stay active rather than if you sit at home. A recent study shows social connections can reduce a number of health risks for pregnant women and help us to want to stay healthy.  This can also help with reducing your risk of postnatal depression.

Pregnant women should never diet or under-eat in order to maintain their figure. Consult a medical professional for nutrition and weight tips if you have concerns about your weight gain during pregnancy.

Author Bio: Jessica Josh is an Australian freelance writer and blogger.  Since 2007 she has been writing about weight loss, health, and nutrition and articles about http://drgsweightloss.com.au/

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