Can You Get Rid Of Cellulite?

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Cottage cheese thighs that shake, rattle and roll; ripples, dips and dimples on thighs, hips and buttocks—sounds familiar? You are not alone. Did you know that 90% of women have cellulite? It is a sad truth. Men have cellulite, too, but the occurrence is much lower. None of us likes it. But it’s a reality. With swimsuit season fast approaching you may be wondering how you can beat it.

What is Cellulite? Can We Get Rid of It?

Washington University plastic surgeon Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum who was recently interviewed on FOX 2 News In The Morning, says: “We don’t know exactly what cellulite is, to be honest with you. Everybody has a layer of subcutaneous fat—a layer of fat beneath the skin. In people who have cellulite, some of the subcutaneous fat protrudes through into the deepest layers of the skin. This makes the layer of connective tissue to be irregular and disorganized.”

Is There A Solution To Cellulite?

Sure. We can rub a cream, take a pill and get it fixed. Right? “Unfortunately, no. I don’t have great news for you today”, says Dr Tenenbaum. “Cellulite is the holy grail for us in plastic surgery. There is always a quest for us to find new treatments, something to help cure it. But nothing has been stringently shown to decrease cellulite on a permanent level.”

Can Liposuction Cure Cellulite?

Well, what liposuction does, it removes fat from specific sites on the human body. Liposuction can eliminate fatty deposits and slim the contour of certain body areas, like your thighs. But when it comes to the appearance of the skin, the dimpling effect of cellulite, liposuction does not treat that.

Can Drinking A Lot of Water Help?

Can drinking water help fill the dimple spots? “Well, certainly hydration does help temporarily and certain things like caffeine creams may also help temporarily,” Dr Tenenbaum explains. “Other treatments that you have seen advertised may help but nothing has been shown to have a permanent effect.”

Can Weight Loss Treat Cellulite?

Although cellulite does not appear only in overweight people, excess weight can make things worse. A  2006 study found that weight loss in overweight women improved the appearance of cellulite in 17 patients while it worsened the condition in 9. So, it appears that there is no way to completely eliminate cellulite. However, the more weight one loses the better the condition may get.

“Weight loss is always a good thing” continues Dr Tenenbaum, “with some people weight loss can decrease it but usually you can’t get rid of it”

So, may be you should embrace your beautiful dimples and accept who you are!

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