Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

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 The news of having diabetes is typically a rather tough pill to swallow.  It immediately causes quite a few long term complications, with those affected needing to have much more vigilance and lookout over the foods they consume, as well as the need to constantly monitor one’s self.

The Story

Although this metabolic disease is definitely treatable, a recent experiment performed by Kirt Tyson, an Arizona doctor, proves that through careful dieting, Type 1 diabetes can actually be reversed.  This claim comes from a patient Tyson studied very closely—himself.


Dr. Kirt Tyson is a very strong believer in naturopathy.  Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine, which, rather than advocating drugs as solutions to various problems, instead uses various techniques involving diet and exercise.  More commonly, it is known as a sort of “natural healing” process, with the Latin meaning of the word literally being “nature healing”.  Naturopathy has also been the subject of a fair amount of controversy over the years, with some researchers claiming that it was dangerous to believe in use of it as opposed to more “mainstream” or conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr. Tyson, who admits to having previously been a fast food junkie, was diagnosed with diabetes in November of 2005, and was actually hospitalized with glucose levels of around 1200.  Doctors feared for him, and there was reason to believe he had stage II kidney damage.  He was told that he would have diabetes for the rest of his life, and would have to regularly take insulin shots.  This came as a huge shock to Tyson, who was actually in good shape at the time, weighing in at a healthy 174 pounds, and running around four miles every day.

While in the hospital, Tyson came across an advertisement looking for diabetics to agree to undergo an experiment involving eating raw foods, as part of a research documentary.  He agreed to take part in this experiment, despite not being entirely certain what the experiment would involve.  He soon found out that the raw food diet was actually rather simple, consisting of just vegetables, nuts, and seeds.  The original plan was to eat only these types of foods for 30 days.  Despite some hardships along the way, and being extremely tired after the first two weeks or so, Tyson stuck with the diet.

The Result

As it turns out, this raw food diet has now become quite commonplace among diabetics.  Some of the most popular foods on this diet include chia seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, pecans, fenugreek leaves, and dandelion leaves.  As far as vegetables go, Tyson, as well as other diabetes researchers, say the darker and leafier, the better.

Prior to starting the raw food diet, Dr. Tyson had a blood sugar level of approximately 300 mg/dL.  For reference, anything around the 240 mg/dL is considered high, and is cause for monitoring and concern.  Amazingly enough, after completing those first few weeks of dieting as he was supposed to, Tyson found that he was down to a very safe 76 mg/dL, an amazing reversal in such a short period of time.  Today, Tyson is a huge advocate of the same raw food diet that helped him, and is in congruence with other like minded professionals in this field.


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