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Are you trying to lose weight and having a hard time doing it? Are you confused by all the conflicting information on diet plans and types of food to eat? If so, then I bet you will be relieved to know that, when all is said and done, the only thing you really need to keep track of is your daily caloric intake. Literally, nothing else matters!

It makes no difference if you go low carb or high carb, low fat or high fat, vegetarian or purely carnivore, you will lose weight if you burn more calories than you take in. I believe that the real secret of any diet is that they all work if they cause you to eat less. Now, before you get all stressed out over the drudgery of endless calorie counting, I will show you how you can do it easily and enjoyably with a simple iPhone App.

An “app”, or application, is simply a piece of software developed specifically for the iPhone. It can be downloaded directly to an iPhone or to a computer and transferred to the iPhone.

Learn How to Count Your Daily Calories with a Livestrong iPhone App

The Daily Plate Calorie Tracker is an iPhone App from Livestrong that allows you to figure out your daily caloric needs based on your current weight and weight loss goal. You can quickly find the nutritional information on any food item, including calories, fat, sugar, cholesterol carbs and more.

The app has an extensive database that allows you to:

  • Search for more than 525,000 food and restaurant items
  • Keep recently viewed items near the top of your list for convenience
  • Click on each item to get more detailed information

Tracking Calories In

Once you have eaten something you will want to track what you ate. You just simply:

  • Click the “I Ate This” button to track your calories.
  • Adjust the number of servings based on what you ate.
  • Set the time when you ate it.

It couldn’t be easier, but it doesn’t stop there! Eating less is just one half of the equation to burn more calories than you take in. You have probably heard the old adage, “eat less, move more” if you want to lose weight. Well, if you want to move more, the Daily Plate Calorie Tracker App has got you covered there too.

Tracking Calories Out

This app gives you:

  • An extensive database of more than 2,000 fitness choices to choose from
  • The ability to select a fitness activity that most closely matches the activity you perform

Once you have completed a workout or activity you will want to track the results. You just simply:

  • Click the “I Did This” button to track your calories
  • Adjust the workout length to measure the number of calories burned
  • Enter your average heart rate and distance of the workout

I believe the biggest benefit of the Daily Plate Calorie Tracker App is the ability to manage your weight loss goals from anywhere, at anytime. This means a lot to me since I travel often. This lifestyle is a privilege I have been enjoying since I started my affiliate blog of Mozy coupons and Gotomypc discounts. So, there is no need to guess or lug around a notebook. With a few simple taps you can easily:

  • Check your progress at your convenience throughout the day
  • See how many calories you need to burn to reach your daily goal
  • Track your workouts and food intake
  • Track your weight

A calorie is still a calorie and the laws of thermodynamics still apply. However, no longer does the process of weight loss and calorie counting have to be a boring and tedious affair. You can reach your weight loss goals and have fun in the process with the Daily Plate Calorie Tracker iPhone App from Livestrong.

I hope you have found this post to be informative but I would like to hear from you. Have you struggled with weight loss? What was your biggest obstacle? Have you tried the Daily Plate Calorie Tracker App and what did you like or dislike about it?

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Social Fitness iPhone Game

FitRabbit for the iPhone is a free app that makes fitness into a social game. Unlike other fitness iPhone apps, it leverages the social network. Rather than fixating on weight and calories, FitRabbit's prizes reward consuming high quality foods and exercising consistently.

Unlike other apps, FitRabbit is useful without being distracting. It provides calories per serving information, but not overwhelming statistics. Through the heartrate monitor, users can record and measure workout intensity with just a few taps, rather than typing.

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