Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal Review

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If you currently own an Android powered device, then you may be in the market for some of the leading apps in the field of fitness and nutrition. There are so many different ways to lose weight today and within the world of technology you have a number of different weight loss tools at your disposal.

This calorie counter and diet tracker by MyFitnessPal is one of the highest rated fitness apps in the Android system today. Allow me to go through the details and save you time researching when you can be beginning your new weight loss program with this fantastic Android app!

How Does the "Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker" Work?

In the video below you can watch a demonstration of the way that the "Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker" application works. A user is going through the various functions, database and modes this apparatus offers to your personal calorie and diet program.

There is nothing more important than understanding what you’re buying when it comes to weight loss tools and the same is true for apps. The goal of this app is to make weight loss easy. The ability to keep track of your consumed calories even while you are on the go is a definite bonus when it comes to weight loss success.

This Android app has a massive database of 590,000 foods for you to choose from so you can always have an idea of the calories you are consuming, even when you’re not at home.

You can fully customize your diet tracker by going to the MyFitnessPal website and creating an account. Here you can input a variety of different information about yourself and the diet tracker will provide you with your goal calorie intake for the day in order to lose your chosen goal weight.

What Are Others Saying – Does the "Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker" Really Deliver?

There is nothing better than learning from fellow consumers who have already used this app. You can quickly learn the truth about any product through customer reviews. G. Argov is an extremely satisfied customer who has begun seeing results in his appearance after only a few weeks of use!

This customer takes the time to say that the registration is simple but most importantly the program is intuitive which makes it simple and effective to use. A customer says, “this is a great pound shedding app”. After losing 40lbs in 3.5months, this customer can proudly say that they not only are on their way to their goal weight, but enjoying the journey as well.

Pat from Massachusetts is one of the many consumers who are in love with the bar code scanner. This convenient feature makes it simple to upload foods to your apps so you always know the exact calories you’re consuming. The features of this app are what make it number one in the Android system today.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

When it comes to weight loss, the avenue you choose to help you lose weight is really the key to your success. By choosing to use the calorie counter and diet tracker you are creating yourself an optimal weight loss situation.

This Android powered app offers the newest forms of technology as well as all the conveniences required to help you lose weight, even with a busy lifestyle. By staying consistent with your calorie counting and exercises provided by the diet tracker, you are sure to see results in as little as two weeks.

It is amazing just how fast you can see results when you understand your daily calorie limit and you track everything you consume during the day, even beverages. The calorie counter and diet tracker can help you do just this and meet your weight loss goals faster than you anticipated.

Pros and Cons


  • Over 590,000 foods in the meal database with the potential to upload foods and meals that are not there with the bar code scanning feature
  • With over 350 exercises you can track not only cardio progress but strength training as well
  • You have the ability to view your account online as well as on your mobile device
  • Goal setting is a major benefit so you never lose sight of what you’re working for
  • Reports can quickly and easily be generated for an overview of your progress


  • Program glitches have been reported with this app from a small percentage of consumers
  • There is some time required to set up your account and profile
  • Some consumers have found the license agreement freezes in the beginning and the app must be deleted and reinstalled to fix this problem

Problems and Complaints

Although the vast majority of consumers were 100% happy with their purchase, there are always a few consumers who experience a less than perfect encounter and this negative feedback is very valuable. The biggest problem I was able to find has to do with program glitches and malfunctions such as syncing problems and freezing screens.

The reality is these are problems any app can experience and they are not experienced by every user but it is something to definitely keep in mind while you decide if this app is right for you or not.

"Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker" vs Traditional Diet Plans

There is nothing wrong with conducting thorough research before you decide to stand behind any diet plan. The major question today is how well does a fitness app perform when compared to a traditional diet plan such as Weight Watchers or the Atkins Diet.

The major difference between a technological weight loss avenue and the traditional avenue is convenience. Our society today is faster paced and busier than ever and what this means is you are not always home to cook well rounded meals or even have an idea of the calories you consume in a day.

This android app makes it easy to keep track no matter where you eat or how much time you have to eat. Although some traditional weight loss plans are catching on to this method of weight loss, they are not quite there yet.

How Does the "Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker" Rate Overall?

Overall, this product was given a 5 star rating on This android powered app received the highest rating possible with very few complaints among the 80+ reviews written by consumers like yourself.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for "Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker"?

If you have decided this product is the right product for you, you can buy it at a great price through Here you can read more reviews and understand other user’s experiences before hitting the “check-out” button and it is sent right to your doorstep!

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