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The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler Review

Author Ori Hofmekler blames the current epidemic of obesity on today’s eating habits and lifestyle. Looking back to the warrior and hunter-gathered cultures, he has designed The Warrior Diet to help anyone get back into shape. The ancient world produced few fat people, and it was because of when and what they ate.

The Warrior Diet is not simply a book that will tell you what or what not to eat, and in what portions. It is written to help you understand how your body functions and how to get optimal benefits of weight loss and health. Although the title may suggest otherwise, The Warrior Diet will work well for women, too.

What Is The Warrior Diet All About?

The Warrior Diet is based on the idea of ‘cycling’ – which is how the author believes was followed in warrior cultures of the past. This involves actually eating very little during the day (when the men would be out hunting) and then having a large meal in the evening (when returning with the day’s catch).

This way of living was basically what was practiced for thousands and thousands of years, it was only when people became more sedentary that the problem of obesity arose.

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The Biggest Loser by The Biggest Loser Experts and Cast - Review

When The Biggest Loser first aired in 2004, it changed the national dieting landscape almost overnight. The Biggest Loser brought the subject of weight loss to the forefront in a way that no other television show had done in the past. What’s more, its continued success has demonstrated how resoundingly interested in this subject the American TV audience truly is.

But what is the secret to its success? To me, the thing that keeps us coming back week after week is a combination of the personal connection we feel with the cast (and their weight loss struggles) as well as the inner demons we face in our own weight loss struggles. Upon seeing that a Biggest Loser book had been released, I was instantly intrigued.

What is The Biggest Loser Book About?

The book version of The Biggest Loser is subtitled “The Weight Loss Program to Transform Your Body, Health, and Life--Adapted from NBC's Hit Show!” Whew, that’s a mouthful-- but the book really does appear to offer a massive variety of information.

Beginning with insights from the cast and creators of the show, the book also packs recipes, a complete diet plan, color photographs, and exercise and fitness regimens, as well as tips and tricks to achieve long term weight loss.

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Kettlebells For Dummies by Sarah Lurie Review

Nobody likes being called a dummy. But I confess, when it comes to exercising, the title is probably a fairly accurate one for me. It takes a lot for me to feel motivated enough to work out, and beyond that, there aren't many work out methods that I am familiar with enough to feel comfortable performing regularly to achieve significant weight loss.

Kettlebells would probably not be my first choice, but perusing the enthusiastic reviews for Sarah Lurie's book, Kettlebells for Dummies, made me think twice: could I be a dummy for not giving kettlebells a chance?

How Does Kettlebells For Dummies Work?

First, a quick description for those of us who know next to nothing about this trendy exercise technique. Kettlebells are small, hand-held weights that provide a workout that builds overall strength, endurance, along with cardiovascular exercise.

Kettlebell proponents believe that this workout can work more muscles and provide more calorie burning than similar workouts -- as much as 1,000 calories an hour!

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The Fat Flush Plan by Ann Louise Gittleman Review

As it seems so much easier to put weight on than to take it off, I looked into The Fat Flush Plan to see whether it would help you lose weight.

This book really offers a way to lose a significant amount of weight and would be especially helpful to people who are already experiencing other health problems in addition to weight.

Dr Ann Louise has helped many people completely eliminate their health problems. In this short video below, she talks about real cases of people who saw amazing results with her diet book .

As you probably know, diabetes can sometimes be brought on simply by being obese, but the condition itself may make it hard for you to slim down at all. This diet plan has helped those with diabetes and cholesterol issues to help manage their health issues better while losing weight, so I think it might also be able to help you whether you have any health problems or are simply overweight.

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Take-Out Tonight book by Weight Watchers Review

I love take out as much as the next person... probably more than the next person! But never in my history of dieting did I think that my love of take out would help to begin, rather than end, a diet.

Weight Watchers created Take Out Tonight in an effort to show readers ways to create healthy version of their favorite take out dishes at home. In true Weight Watchers fashion, each recipe comes complete with information regarding calories, fat, and Weight Watchers points.

What is Take Out Tonight About?

The concept behind this book is that what people love most about ordering take out is the food itself – take out staples like General Tso’s Chicken, Pad Thai, or even Nachos (and other types of ethnic food) are covered here. By recreating or emulating these staple dishes, the book allows readers to create healthier versions of the dishes they crave.

But I couldn’t help but wonder if the convenience of ordering take out may also be a major part of its appeal. Being an aspiring cook myself, the idea of recreating my favorite take out items appeals to me.

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Body After Baby Review: A Healthy Plan to Lose Your Baby Weight Fast

Dr. Oz writes about Body After Baby: "Jackie Keller delivers a wise plan for new mothers to recapture their chi – the life energy. Her good food and exercise regimen make perfect sense."

Body After Baby (368 pages) is authored by Jackie Keller, the founder of NutriFit. She is a nutrition and health coach to the stars; her celebrity clients have included Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, and Susan Sarandon, all of whom met their weight loss goals with Keller’s help. She's also a mom.

How Tia Carrere Joined Cast of Dancing with the Stars Soon After Pregnancy

Listen in as Tia Carrere explains how Body After Baby helped her join the cast of Dancing with the Stars only 7 weeks after she delivered her daughter Bianca.

How Does Body After Baby Work?

According to Jackie Keller, women can by nature get rid of the weight they pregnance weight within the 30 days following childbirth.  So, in Body After Baby, she offers a 30-day, doctor approved weight loss plan.

For the first ten days, Keller instructs you to cook quick and easy meals with a few healthy ingredients. She asks you to stretch once a day. That’s it.

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The Yoga of Eating Book Review: Trust the Wisdom of Your Body

Do you ever listen to your body when it comes to dieting? Your very own body will guide your steps to a healing eating pattern that is right for you. This is the idea behind the book The yoga of Eating.

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The Mayo Clinic Diet Review: Lose 6-10 lbs a Week?

Losing weight and keeping it off is never easy. Once you have put on some unwanted pounds, it will quickly become evident that getting them off again can be a problem.

There are hundreds of diet plans around, and if you are like most people you have probably tried a handful of them, at least. And, as you are probably aware, most of these diet plans are impossible to stick with for any length of time; the foods you need to eat are usually unappetizing or so far from what you usually eat that you quickly give up.

Fortunately, The Mayo Clinic Diet Plan is written just for people like you. This is not a fad diet, but rather a sensible and practical approach to weight loss. Excellent results are possible with The Mayo Clinic Diet without forcing you to re-educate yourself in order to follow the plan. Using this plan, you will learn how to live a healthier lifestyle to let you lose weight and then keep it off.

How Does The Mayo Clinic Diet Work?

This book contains solid information to let you lose weight in a sensible fashion and keep it off through lifestyle changes. You will find that The Mayo Clinic Diet is not an extreme type of diet that can be impossible to follow for more than a week or two, but a solid plan for weight loss and a healthier life.

Lose Weight With Green Tea: A Safe Weight Loss Method That Works Review

I drink coffee every morning but lately have been switching to green tea in the afternoon. I have long heard that green tea helps with weight loss by increasing metabolism and stemming appetite. Not only that, it has other supposed health effects--anti-cancer properties, lowers blood pressure, even helps with gum disease.

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The Raw Food Detox Diet Review

Wouldn’t it be great if we could really detox ourselves and start fresh? Wouldn’t it be great if we could do this with something as simple as spinach and carrots? Do we really need to cook our food? Not according the The Raw Food Detox Diet book written by Natalia Rose.

According to the product description, The Raw Food Detox Diet will allow you to:

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