Bodybugg Personal Calorie Management System Review

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Revolutionary Bodybugg Personal Calorie Management System Rocks the World of Weight Loss

by EJ Young

Giddy as a new colt standing up for the first time. Excited like a toddler tasting cotton candy. There really are no words to describe my anticipation waiting for the Bodybugg Personal Calorie Management System by 24 Hour Fitness. The version I ordered from comes with a free 12-month computer system subscription. In just 3-5 business days, I will sport that famous black band packed with vital statistics.

As many people probably know—unless I am the only groupie of The Biggest Loser TV show, Bodybugg was featured during season eight. The contestants greatly benefitted from the Bodybugg. By entering calories consumed, they would know when they reached their “burn” on a daily basis. In other words, they knew the point when their workouts erased their calories. Just writing about the Bodybugg makes me even more anxious to start using it!

Why is the Bodybugg such a big deal?

Revolutionary. That seems like an accurate word to describe this calorie management system. The Bodybugg has a galvanic skin response monitor. It figures out how active a user is by checking when and how much the person sweats based on conductive electricity from the skin. That’s revolutionary. The wearer’s movement patterns designed during walking, jogging or running are measured and counted with an accelerometer. Sweetness! The armband accelerometer also measures motions from different perspectives. That’s unique. The armband’s electronic thermometer constantly tracks body heat through skin temperature. Awesome! Heat flux, the output of muscle-produced heat from the body, is also measured. Now we’re getting close to phenomenal. To recap, the Bodybugg tracks the activities of the user’s steps, movement, temperature, calories burned, heat flux and other details. Imagine the significance of this data and how much help it offers in weight loss goals.

The quality of the Bodybugg is unquestionably the best. The Biggest Loser would not back anything less. If it’s good enough for Jillian and Bob, it’s good enough for me. It comes with the familiar armband and computer software. The updates and ongoing use of the state-of-the-art system comes with a monthly subscription. When you order from 24 Hour Fitness through Amazon, you get 12 months of the service at no charge. A personalized fitness plan based on the user’s height, weight, and other individualized information is developed and monitored through the program.

If you still haven’t picked up on just how revolutionary the Bodybugg is for weight loss, just turn on your television. The Biggest Loser’s $100,000 winner, Rebecca Meyer, proudly wore her Bodybugg on national TV for the Jay Leno show. That black arm band appears on her muscular arm in any photo shoots or public appearances she’s made. Rebecca counts the Bodybugg as an important device in her life-long goal of staying healthy. If you need to lose some weight, check out her inspirational weight-loss journey going from 279 pounds to 140 pounds. Just type in the keywords Biggest Loser or Rebecca Meyer to read some incredible stories.

Of course, it’s not realistic to expect the kind of weight loss shed during the short time period the TV show contestants achieved. They had the advantage of full-time professional trainers, access to healthy food and a great kitchen, workouts in a professional gym for several hours every day, input from doctors and nutritionists and the incentive of earning lots of money. That’s not even counting the potential each contestant has of achieving the ultimate reward of losing double digit or triple digit pounds. Losing weight was their job during that time period. It was a singular focus. But, that doesn’t mean less famous people can’t lose lots of weight equaling a better quality of life. And, we can use some of the same methods. The Bodybugg is one asset!

I feel like I should do a cheer or write a song or something significant to celebrate the Bodybugg coming soon to a home near my driveway—mine! Instead, when I get that package from Amazon, I think I will read all the information, upload the software, strap on that black armband and keep moving and monitoring calories vs. burning calories in my own journey to better health.

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