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Neck strength is an important facet of any contact sport. I, personally, am a front row forward in rugby, and have also studied Jiu Jitsu, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both of these sports require a degree of neck strength and it is neck strength which improves your performance in both of these arenas.

As a front row forward, the pressure on my neck, from scrummaging, is palpable. Taking the weight of eight other opposition forwards puts huge amounts of undue stress on your neck and back, especially.

In terms of Jiu Jitsu, the world’s top Jiu Jitsu fighters spend hours each week, specifically trying to strengthen their neck. Once you’re in a choke hold, your technical skill often goes out of the window and your survival, in a fight, comes down to how strong your neck muscles are; the stronger they are, the more time you buy yourself to escape the choke.

There are a number of body weight exercises that I’ve always done to strengthen my neck, which have stood me in good stead, both in Jiu Jitsu and rugby. While these have some benefit, more resistance is required to develop real strength.

Enter, the head harness.

Purchasing a head harness is a bit of a minefield. The market is packed full of harnesses that are weak or poorly designed. If you’re competing at a high level, it’s not uncommon to hang 30lb plus dumbbells, or plates, from a harness and many simply snap or make it uncomfortable to continue lifting.

The Body Solid Head Harness is, however, one of the premiere head harnesses on the market, giving you the flexibility to load meaningful weight onto it, as well as maintaining a good level of comfort. 

How does the Body Solid Head Harness work?

It is designed to help strengthen your neck, upper back and chest muscles. The harness can be used by anyone, no matter their fitness level, but it is targeted at competitive athletes, especially those who play contact sports, such as rugby or American Football.

It is made from, extremely durable, nylon and is complete with extra-heavy D-rings and a steel chain, ensuring that you can confidently lift the heavy weights that you desire, without the fear of the harness snapping. In addition to its impressive durability, the Body Solid Head Harness is padded throughout with high density neoprene, designed to act as a shock absorber, as well as a means of preventing cuts or abrasions.

Users can, furthermore, be assured of the quality by the fact that the manufacturers, Body Solid, offer a lifetime warranty on the product.

When it comes to functionality, the Harness allows you to lift either free weights or high/low pulley machines, giving you the flexibility to start light and build your strength levels at your own pace.

Does the Head Harness really deliver?

Reviewers of the Body Solid Head Harness seem enamoured with the product. Many of these reviewers are athletes that are serious about strengthening their neck, back and chest, either for aesthetic or performance purposes.

Users seem to concur that it allows one to strengthen the neck, especially, in a way that few other products do. One reviewer, the thinker, for example, asserts that the Harness allows you to strengthen your neck muscles in a way that “seems impossible using any other technique.

In addition to providing an extremely effective workout, users seem to agree that the Body Solid Head Harness is extremely comfortable too. Unlike some other head harnesses on the market, this is well padded. One reviewer, otak3636, laments that it is “comfortable on my head,” which allows you to focus on your workout and not on a chaffing feeling that would be painful and distracting.    

Spense is another reviewer who loves the Body Solid Head Harness. When he purchased it, Spense was looking for a low cost, high quality product, and assures us that this is it. Although Spense only uses a weight of 20lbs, he says that it takes that weight with ease and that he is confident the harness could hold a much greater weight, “without any trouble.” 

Will it help strengthen my neck, back and chest?

The Body Solid Head Harness is a tool designed for competitive athletes and is extremely effective at helping to strengthen your neck, back and chest, which is ideal for those who compete in contact or grappling sports, especially.

One reviewer, Joe Level 100, is an MMA fighter, who uses the Harness as a vital part of his training routine. Joe asserts that having a strong neck is essential for anyone who practices MMA, or any other grappling sport, and concludes that, “this head harness is a great tool for achieving this!

Pros and Cons


  • Strong. Unlike some of the other head harnesses in this price bracket, this one is extremely well made, strong and sturdy. It is able to take up to 50lbs in weight, which makes it strong enough for even the most elite athletes to use.
  • Improves performance, reduce risk of injury. While it is designed to be used by anyone, it is targeted specifically at those who play contact sports. It’s an excellent way of strengthening your neck, upper back and chest, which is guaranteed to help give you a leg up on the competition, as well as reducing the risk of neck and back related injuries.
  • Comfortable. It is heavily padded, helping to ensure that you can work out in comfort, without any fear of cutting or chaffing yourself.
  • Value for money. Neck harnesses that are in this price bracket are, traditionally, more expensive, thus the Body Solid Head Harness represents excellent value for money, given its quality design.


  • Doesn’t suit those with small heads. Some users, with smaller heads, commented that the Body Solid Head Harness is not a great fit. It seems fine for the average user, but if you’re someone who is aware that they have a small head, this may not be the product for you.
  • Difficulties at the top end of the weight spectrum. It is designed to take a weight of roughly 50lb. This is a considerable weight, even for an elite athlete. If, however, you already have an extremely strong neck, it may be worth considering a more expensive product, which is able to take more weight.

Problems and complaints

Aside from one reviewer who seems to have been delivered a faulty product, with poor stitching, that broke after a couple of uses, there are few genuine complaints about the Head Harness.

Is it versatile?

With regards to versatility, the Body Solid Head Harness is supposed to be able to give you a full neck workout, forwards and backwards, as well as side to side. Most users will only use this product for the traditional forward and backwards movement, during which it performs excellently.

One reviewer, Erik Sun, however, does point out that it has limited applications. He asserts that the it is good “for simple front and back” exercises, but that it does not perform well when doing side to side exercises, making it not as versatile as some users would like.

How does it rate overall?

The Body Solid Head Harness receives a favourable rating from reviewers, attaining 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. 

Where can I buy it and where can I read more reviews?

You can purchase the Body Solid Head Harness directly through Amazon currently at a 47% discount. If you wish to read more reviews before deciding whether to purchase the product, however, you can find them here.

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