Body By Jake Tower 200 Full-Body Exercise Gym Review

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I can no longer use the excuse that I am too busy at the office or unable to leave home to go to the gym when it comes to working out because if I have a door, I have a gym with the Body By Jake Tower 200 Full Body Exercise Gym.

At least, that is what the description tells me, but there is a bit of controversy going around about whether or not this product meets its claims.

How Does the Body By Jake Tower 200 Gym Work?

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All you need is a door to set up this resistance based equipment that allows you to use its elastic bands to perform various movements that build and tone muscle. Included are instructions and a DVD workout that you can follow to get into a rhythm until you create your own workout routine. The entire premise of this exercise program is to use resistance training to simulate a weight lifting regimen.

What Others Are Saying - Does the Body By Jake Tower 200 Gym Really Deliver?

Nick Drossos, a personal trainer, has been working out with the Tower 200  for 5 months  now and has used this equipment to train people of various fitness capabilities.  He finds  that the Tower 200 Gym is a very effective and versatile piece of equipment. Watch his review below.

There are many mixed reviews about this product on Amazon. Most of the reviewers feel that this door mounted gym is easy to use and provides a great workout. Some others however believe that it is overpriced and doesn’t come close to doing what it is supposed to do.

Eliot, an Amazon reviewer claims that the Body By Jake Tower 200 Full Body Exercise Gym is “not a serious piece of exercise equipment,” while  Iron Monkey from California says that it is effective, safe, and the perfect choice for those who want to get in shape without getting hurt or spend a lot of money.

A. Simoneli is a personal trainer who is impressed with the Tower 200 because it has allowed him to perform exercises he cannot do with dumbbells.

Will it Help Me Get Fitter/Lose Weight?

The equipment should help you build muscle and shed some pounds of fat if it doesn’t fall apart on you. The most common complaint is that the bands snap or break, but the reviewers who stuck it out reported that it helped them tone muscles and get a good workout.

Those who are not in a very good shape and those who do not work  out in a gym regularly  give this product generally a positive review. OutofShapeDad says in his review: “Workouts are quick and help tone muscles. I just feel better.”

Pros and Cons


  • The gym is portable and can be set up wherever there is a door
  • Workouts are quick and great for those who are always on the go and don’t always have time to exercise
  • The equipment is extremely easy to use
  • It comes with a DVD that demonstrates the exercises you can do.


  • The equipment is not very durable. Many reviewers have reported that the bands have a tendency to snap
  • This product is not for anyone looking for an advanced workout and is more tailored to beginners or those who generally can’t find a lot of time to work out
  • Many reviewers claim that the Tower 200 is overpriced

Problems and Complaints

One major complaint about the Body By Jake Tower 200 Full Body Exercise Gym is that the bands are not durable at all.

K. Berry also points out that it is near impossible to get decent resistance due to the distance you are from the door when you perform the exercises and says

“The type of resistance provided by these bands allows too much light movement before the real resistance kicks in.”

How Does This Compare to a Real Gym?

The short answer is that it doesn’t compare at all. If you are looking to be able to exercise in the short amount of free time that you have in your schedule, this would be great for you.

This product has its merits for anyone who needs something that is portable and convenient, but if you are looking for a serious workout or exercise machine, the Tower 200 may disappoint you.

Exercises You Can Do With Body By Jake Tower 200




How Does the Body By Jake Tower 200 Full Body Exercise Gym Rate Overall?

There are about as many good reviews as bad reviews on Amazon for this product and its current rating is 3.5 out of 5 stars. It seems like it would be a great and easy to use product, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up on this one due to consumer feedback.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Body By Jake tower 200 Full Body Exercise Gym?

The best place to see all of the reviews on this one would be Amazon. As I stated above, there is really a bit of an argument about this product and while some people really like it, others are equally dissatisfied. Amazon also offers free shipping and competitive pricing, so I would recommend going through Amazon to buy it. Read more reviews here.

My opinion of the Tower 200 Home Gym System

I pretty much agree with a lot of what you have been saying. I myself bought this system a few months ago and while it won't replace a modern gym full of expensive equipment it is still a good product in its own right. I probably use it around twice a week and also go to the gym around twice a week. I work from home and sometimes I'm too engrossed in my work and can't afford to drop everything, get ready, drive to the gym, find somewhere to park, work out and drive back again.

So having the Tower 200 at home is really handy to have a quick workout and I still get a decent workout in. I haven't noticed any decrease in strength or muscle since going to the gym less and replacing it with this system.

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