Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength DVD Review

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With literally thousands of fitness DVDs on the market today, it can seem impossible to tell the ones that are going to help you from the ones that are a waste of money. The Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength fitness DVD is one of the good ones.

This DVD is designed to whip you into shape, no matter what your current fitness level is or how much weight you have to lose. Let me go through the pros and cons of this product so you can decide for yourself if it is for you or not.

How Does the Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength DVD Work?

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This is a 90-minute workout meant to work every muscle in your body, even muscles you didn’t know you had! This full body workout utilizes 35 power surging moves that are integrated into a high dynamic pace. This is a winning combination that will allow you to reach your weight loss goals and turn your unwanted fat cells into lean muscle mass.

You have two different exercise programs to choose from; a 20-minute program for beginners and a more intense program of 90-minutes of intense cardio and strength training. Hand weights of 5-8 lbs are encouraged for parts of the program.

What Are Others Saying-Does the Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength DVD Really Deliver?

In the world of fitness DVDs, consumers appreciate when they come across a workout system that actually works and this is the case with the Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength program.

Nctmac "Nancy" is an Amazon reviewer who found this fitness DVD to be nothing but successful. You will learn as you go through the DVD that there are modifications for each move to make them easier for beginners and more difficult as your body progresses. This reviewer also states, “I highly recommend this DVD!! It would be tough for beginners.”

Take it slow through your first few workouts so you can get accustomed to the moves. With patience you will begin to see progress in no time.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

This is one of the more intense strength training and cardio DVDs on the market today and because of this you can expect to burn high amounts of calories during just one workout. You may be worried you won’t be able to keep up with this workout in the beginning but be patient.

You may need to take breaks when the program doesn’t call for them but eventually these breaks will lessen and you will have more strength to continue on. By making sure to take part in this workout at least 5 times a week you can guarantee optimal weight loss.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely affordable
  • 2 different workout programs to choose from
  • Beginner and advanced exercise modifications
  • Strength and cardio exercises


  • Can be difficult for beginners
  • 90-minutes requires more time dedicated to working out

Problems and Complaints

There were few complaints associated with this product. The main complaint is that the workout program begins to feel tedious and is not as interesting or creative as many customers were looking for. A 90-minute workout can seem like an incredibly long time, especially if you are not enjoying what you’re doing. There were only a handful of complaints like this, the rest of the reviewers were incredibly happy with the product.

How Does the Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength Compare to Other Workout DVDs?

This workout DVD is far superior to the average workout DVDs on the market today. You may recognize Bob Harper from the television show The Biggest Loser and because of this you have already see his abilities to help people lose weight. When you are searching for a workout program the instructor is just as important as what the workout entails.

The combination of strength training with cardio is what creates the incredibly calorie burst many are looking for. One Amazon reviewer, Debbie Rutterbush states,”With Pure Burn my heart was at 139 most of the workout and I burned 651 cals.”

How Does the Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength DVD Rate Overall?

Overall, I have given this product 5 out of 5 stars. By going through the dozens of different Amazon reviews, there were few people who were unhappy with it and even more than this many with proven results from the program. Bob Harper has created a super intense workout that encompasses your entire body for an exhausting workout that is needed in order to lose weight.

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Regarding the time of the

Regarding the time of the DVD, the RUN time refers to how much playing time is on the DVD. Since one workout is 20 minutes, and the other is 66, that adds up to...TADA!...86 minutes. So adding in credits, music, and other miscellaneous stuff, you're looking at a DVD that has 90 minutes of stuff on it. But the advanced workout is approximately 60 minutes.

I agree with the poster who complained about this error. If the reviewer simply read the box to get the workout time, she didn't do very much first-hand investigating. However, she did read through a lot of amazon reviews and summarized them so I wouldn't have to wade through them all. That's worth something.

Incorrect information in the article

The writer consistently refers to the workout as 90 minutes which is not correct. There is a 20 minute beginner workout and a 60 minute workout. It is a little over 66 minutes with warm-up and cool-down time. If the writer has not seriously analyzed the workout, how can they write an accurate review?

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Well, That's What the Product Details Say:

Well, I guess the writer was influenced by what the Product Details say on Amazon:


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