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Both men and women are searching for this special fitness equipment that will help them increase their strength and achieve their fitness goals. I am sure you have come across dozens of resistance bands that exist on the market today. I suppose that you might have difficulty making up your mind which kind of resistance bands is the right one for you.

As someone who has been lifting weights regularly for years in my basement, I often wondered if a set of resistance bands could be an asset for my home gym. Could I use it to replace my dumbbells? Is it for experts or beginners? My research led me to the “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set”.

Can the “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set” provide me with a very good fitness exercise, build my core muscles groups and improve my physique? I took some time to get into every detail and aspect of this fitness equipment and I am reviewing this device in the lines below.

How Does the “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set” Work?

In the video below you can watch an expert describing how the “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set” works. This expert highlights the benefits of this fitness equipment and the way that they can exercise you muscles and give you an excellent physique.

The “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set” provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a full-body exercise at home that it requires very little storage space. In addition these resistance bands are compact and portable. That means that you have the opportunity to workout anywhere! What I found exciting and innovative in these resistance bands is that different colors signify different resistance levels. The set starts with a yellow band and goes on with a green band, a blue band, a black band, and a red band.

Even more, by using a clip, you can attach several bands to one handle and increase the resistance level. Other feature that impressed me is that the “Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands” offer a progressive resistance level. That simply means that they are ideal for everyone whether they are beginners or experts. I should also point out that they are made from the best quality which ensures the longest life possible.

Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands” are a great alternative to free weights or any workout machine. They not only exercise your abs, chest, arms and back in the best way they also are the perfect tool for general rehabilitation of any part of the body. As far as the guidelines are concerned you do not have to worry since the package includes a booklet that explains what to do with the exercises.

What Others Are Saying - Does the “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set” Really Deliver?

Let’s get right into the reviews and details of this product from the users so that you get a picture of what others think about the “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set”.

Candace I. Johnson “Candace” C.Williams is a consumer who is extremely happy with his purchase because he can remain motivated and exercised even when he is not at home. Exactly because he travels a lot he uses them while he is away from home. He notes that he can take these bands with him as he travels and in that way he can “get a great workout in while in my hotel room”.

Another user of this product CDFmonk stresses the great rehabilitation help that he got during his physical therapy. CDFmonk is very satisfied with the variety that these bands can bring to his fitness exercises both in the present as he is recovering and in the future as well.

CDFmonk gives also emphasis to the value for money that this product represents as “The quality surprised me for the price”.

D. Guerra is a user who talks about his experience regarding the quality and efficiency of this product. Guerra is impressed with how sturdy they are and how the resistance level is perfect for both beginner and more advanced levels. He notes that after he has been using these bands for some weeks now “they have provided me with an excellent work out experience”.

Will “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set” Help Me stay fit?

Resistance Bands have an amazing capacity to help you build your muscles and make a fit body in a short period of time. Many people are right to believe that regular resistance bands training will strengthen and tone muscles and increase bone mass. If it is performed properly, resistance bands training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in your health and well-being.

Using the “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set” you can work core muscles in your body and you can do this for a great price. A reviewer named Adrian gives emphasis on the 5 different resistance levels that are offered to you with the 5 respective resistance bands. He noted “Great quality and i have seen results

Pros and cons


  • Offer a very good workout
  • Parts of it are made of very high quality material
  • Different resistance bands for different resistance levels
  • Easy to store and to transfer
  • Good value for money
  • They do stretch even for very tall users


  • Cheap, metal rings to hold the handle to the band
  • They snap very easily
  • They provide little resistance
  • Discolouration as a result of the stretching
  • Suitable for light physical therapy not for hard resistance training

Problems and complaints

The biggest complaint about these resistance bands resides in how easily they break. It is even more worrying that they break in a very short period of time since you start practicing. Another common complaint is that they do not provide great resistance. Many reviewers find that these bands are not suitable for hard and substantial resistance training because they are just not intended for the pressure a strong user would place on them.

As the user B. Albright points out the biggest problem is found in “the place where the elastic attaches to the handles” as he is trying to explain why they break so easily. He is going on to say that even with little pressure the user may disconnect the band from the handle and “rendering the product useless”.

Extreme home fitness workout P90 suitability

Many reviewers cite that “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set” is suitable for the fitness program P90. I have to mention that some users decided that these resistance bands would be a better option for the P90 program than multiple sets of weights or one adjustable weight set.

Robert B. Smith who recently started the P90X2 program and he was in need of some high quality bands underlines that “I can't speak highly enough about what a great value these bands are”.

How Does the It Rate Overall?

The “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set” has been given a 4.5 star rating. The general user response was positive and indeed most people like it. There were very few negative comments with regard to this fitness equipment and this factor could contribute a lot to your decision

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews?

If you have decided you are interested in burning your calories and building your core muscles with the “Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set”, you can buy this product at a 33% discounted price on . lf you want to learn as many details as possible through customer opinions about this simple and effective product you can read more reviews here.

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