Billy Blanks Tae Bo Insane Abs DVD Review

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Everyone is on the hunt for the next best thing that will not only help them get into shape today but help them stay in shape as well. Billy Blanks has been one of the leading fitness instructions of the industry for many years and today is no different. His workout DVD "Tae Bo Insane Abs" can help you lose weight and get fit in no time.

This review is going to guide you through the specifics of this workout program to hopefully help you figure out if it is the right weight loss avenue for you to take. If you have never considered trying an at home workout program, today is the day to consider it.

How Does "Billy Blanks Tae Bo Insane Abs" Work?

In the short buy very enlightening video below you can see the way that the "Tae Bo Insane Abs" workout DVD works. You can watch a few clips where Billy Blanks himself demonstrates some of his workout exercises that have a genuine abdominal emphasis.

When you hear a program advertising it is an “ab workout” this is not only referring to the intense workout your abdominal muscles are going to receive but also to your waistline. This workout program is geared towards trimming your waist and your abdominal area but it is also a full body workout.

Billy Blanks believes that with a strong core you have a better chance of shedding those unwanted pounds than if you ignore your core completely. With a 45minute workout at your fingertips, you can bet you are going to get a great workout.

What Are Others Saying- Does "Billy Blanks Tae Bo Insane Abs" Really Deliver?

In the fitness DVD industry, you likely already know that the competition is fierce. Because of this, it becomes more important for you, the consumer, to do your homework so you understand completely what you’re buying. You don’t want to be one of those consumers who own 15-20 workout DVDs that they hate!

This program is 45-minutes in duration consisting of a warm-up and a 30-minute standing abdominal workout, completing the workout with floor work. H. Graves from Boston thinks the standing abdominal workout is a nice change from the usual crunches. By really contracting your abs during each move you can get a lot from the program.

Even an avid Tae Bo user named TorysGrl "Carmelqtee217" found this program to be challenging. Some of the moves within this program are found in other Billy Blanks programs but the new combination makes it that much more effective.

Billy even includes a bit of cardio in this program by upping the ante on some of the abdominal moves which can be incredibly intense says Bruce A. Benning. There are a lot of different features included in this workout program and each of them can help you reach you weight loss goals.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Billy Blanks has been known for creating workout programs that deliver results. The standing abdominal workout section of this DVD is really a combination of abdominal exercises and cardio and this is where your major calorie burn will take place. By contracting your abdominals throughout the entire workout you will get the most out of it and see results quicker.

Try to utilize this workout program at least 5 times a week in order to see results. Consistency is the key to fitness success, without it you will not meet your weight loss goals. Don’t forget to match this with a healthy diet in order to make the best out of the hard work you are going to put into an intense training program like this.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • For beginners and advanced fitness levels alike
  • Can be done from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere!


  • Some of the exercises can be a bit difficult in the beginning
  • If you have never done Tae Bo before, it may be a bit of a challenge

Problems and Complaints

There were actually very little complaints related to "Billy Blanks Tae Bo Insane Abs". Every user has been satisfied with this program but one making the point to say that some of the moves within the program are a bit difficult.

If you have been using Billy Blanks’ workout DVDs for years it will likely not take you long to catch on to this one, if you have not ever followed Billy Blanks, than it can be overwhelming at first. He is a great instructor but some of the exercises can be a bit tricky so allow yourself time to adapt.

How Does "Billy Blanks Tae Bo Insane Abs" Compare to Pure Cardio Workouts?

You may be wondering if this program has what it takes to help you burn the mega amounts of calories you are hoping to. Yes, it is true that cardio has proven to be a great calorie-burning activity but the combination of cardio, toning and strength training that Billy Blanks creates is that much better.

You will find your heart rate soaring upwards and then dropping back down and this type of interval training is the key to maximum calories burnt.

How Does "Billy Blanks Tae Bo Insane Abs" Rate Overall?

Overall, this product has received a 4.5 star from The majority of customers were 100% happy with the product and even found results after a short period of time. Billy Blanks provides the intensity we can only get from a professional fitness instructor.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for "Billy Blanks Tae Bo Insane Abs"?

If you are interested in trying the "Tae Bo Insane Abs" workout program for yourself, you can buy this product at a 50% discounted price through Here you can read more reviews and begin to understand what first time users like yourself think of the program and how it worked or didn’t work for them.


I am sweating allready.

I have not used this

I have not used this patricular tae bo dvd, but have the boot camp workout and they are great for fat loss.

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