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Cardio Max DVD is one of the (now many) workout videos created by the makers of our favorite reality TV show.

It is a workout designed so that “we will burn as much fat as we possibly can”, according to Bob Harper, one of the 3 personal trainers featured in this DVD.

Cardio Max focuses on the cardiovascular aspects of working out and is geared toward beginner and intermediate exercisers. Seasoned athletes may find it challenging, too.

How Does Cardio Max DVD Work?

This DVD consists of 3 different cardio workouts (plus a warm-up and cool-down).

Level 1 has two parts. It features Bob leading you through a 20-minute boot camp that will touch every part of your body and get your fat-burning engine going strong.

Cardio Max Level 1 Part 1

Cardio Max Level 1 Part 2


Level 2 brings in our beloved Jillian who puts us through a 10-minute super-cardio drill workout. 

Kim appears in Level 3 with a kickboxing workout that concentrates on your legs and thighs.

Cardio Max Level 3

You can create your own workouts from the DVD menu: choose your warm up, your workout, and your cool down, and enjoy a customized routine, just for you!

What Others Are Saying - Does Cardio Max DVD Work?

This DVD is unlike others of this kind. If you are a moderate or seasoned exerciser, you will find the workout challenging. If you are not in shape, you will find it hard or even cruelly difficult.

However, because the Bob, Jillian and Kim are incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and motivating, most people end up going through the whole workout and experience great results in terms of burning fat, toning up and losing weight.

Add to this the extraordinary inspiration you receive from the former Biggest Loser contestants, who are present during the workout performing the same exercises, and you have a powerful (probably the best) tool in your hands to achieve your fitness goals. You will agree with many other users that this is one of the best workouts ever! Michelle Fukino from Japan says:

“I've done the workout 4 days so far, and I already notice my butt firming up! WOW!"

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

With the help of bob, Jillian and Kim, this 50-minute workout will definitely cause you to burn calories. How much weight you will lose will depend, in part, on how much you have to lose.

While cardiovascular exercise will certainly aid in your weight loss efforts, it is only one piece of the puzzle. People who eat sensibly and nutritiously, while maintaining a cardiovascular regimen, usually lose 1-2 pounds a week. If you find this is not the case for you, consume fewer calories and add one more day a week of cardio.

Meghan was an overweight lady who carried 90 pounds of excess weight after having had her baby. She realized that by following the Cardio Max workout she was actually bringing the Biggest Loser trainers to her own house. She experienced great results with it. She explains:

“In only 2 1/2 weeks I have lost 14 inches and 12 lbs. Rather than sitting on my couch hoping the Biggest Loser comes and casts me, I decided that the more logical option would be to bring the biggest loser trainers to me. I would recommend this to everyone, from those who only have 10 lbs to lose to people like me who have 50+."

J. Harkins and her fiancé decided to try the Cardio Max workout after hitting a plateau in their weight loss. They performed the workout for 30-50 minuts almost every night and became extremely enthusiastic with the results. J. Harkins says:

“We have each lost over 10 pounds in the past 6 weeks, and if anything, we have increased what we eat. I am leaner than I have been in years (I'm only 24) and I have more abs than I thought I was capable of attaining! Buy this DVD, it is the best thing you will do.”

Pros and Cons


  • Fast and inexpensive. If you are busy or/and on a limited budget, this DVD is ideal.
  • The Cardio Max video features actual contestants from The Biggest Loser working out in the background. This makes the workout more motivating and inspiring.

  • No equipment is required except for weights and even those are not necessary.
    One user notices:

“Best seven bucks I've ever spent. This DVD is awesome. I never knew it was possible to get so much cardio in 20 minutes without leaving a 20-square-foot space in your living room, using no equipment except for your own body.”

  • Modifications are available for most of the exercises.
  • The workout requires very little space. You can do it even if you live in a tiny apartment.
  • The Cardio Max workout targets every muscle and is reported to lower stress levels.
  • Cardio reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Cardio can lower your blood pressure.
  • Cardio increases bone strength.
  • Regular exercise improves self-image.
  • Regular cardio exercise can improve mood.


  • Some people felt that the Cardio Max exercises can be a strain on the knees and wrists. For this reason, a number of people needed to do the exercises on a thick mat.

  • You may find this workout difficult even if you are in a good shape. D. Couse, who exercises regularly, warns:

“I thought I was in good shape until I popped this DVD in. This is a crazy hard workout that will workout every fiber in your body.”

One user adds:

  • “This is a great workout but will require someone new to the world of fitness to work up to fully being able to complete the levels”

...and another:

“The first time I did this workout (the low-level portion with Bob only) I was in pain for 3 days.”

  • Many users complain that workout #3 is not as difficult as the first two, and as they had “worked their way up to it,” they were ultimately disappointed in it.


More than 300 users have rated the Cardio Max workout very well. If you enjoy Bob, Jillian, and Kim, then you might as well invite them to spend more time in your home by purchasing the Cardio Max DVD!

Cardio is so often the piece of the fitness puzzle that gets neglected. This DVD is a (relatively) painless way to incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your regimen.

cardio max

I started this video last week bc I had my 2nd child 9 months ago and just couldn't seem to lose this extra baby weight but its a awesome workout! After the first day my legs arms & butt were very sore & sweat like I never have before...I LOVE the video & highly recommend it to anyone that needs to lose weight!!!

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