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The Seven Chief Myths About Yoga Which Stop People Getting Involved

Seen as being a hippy pursuit in the west until the 1980s when it was then seen as a middle class faux exercise regime in which participants just sit around cross legged, yoga has undergone an image change of late as well as an upsurge in popularity.

However, despite the popularity that yoga is gaining there are still some misconceptions which persist among those who have never tried it.

So, what are the negative perceptions and presumptions which still dog yoga today?

Myth 1: You need to be fit to practice yoga

In reality, physical fitness has little to do with yoga. Postures are designed to pull and squeeze certain areas, a little like a massage. If you have a knot of tension in an area which a particular position stretches then that tension will be released and your range of movement will increase. If, on the other hand, you aren’t experiencing tension in that area the position will simply keep the area free from encroaching tension as well as creating stimulation and increased blood flow which is seen as important for healing and detoxing.

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