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21st Century Herbal Slimming Tea, Green Tea, 24 Bags Review

Most of the producers of green tea talk about how many centuries it has been around and worked well for people in Asia. So, it is interesting that this tea is called “21st Century Herbal Slimming Tea.

I have a sneaking suspicion it is some of the same ingredients! But that’s Ok--if it works, it works no matter what it is called. The product is so reasonably priced, I am going to order it for sure.

How does "21st Century Herbal Slimming Tea" work?

The manufacturer considers this a dietary supplement and states the tea consists of 100 percent natural herbs combined to cause a thermogenic effect that increases metabolism and helps clean out your system. The tea can be served hot or cold and comes in different flavors. They suggest drinking it after meals. A diet plan is included in the package.

What others are saying about "21st Century Herbal Slimming Tea"

B. Carmona has lost 30 pounds in six months using this tea without any bad side effects and has recommended it to her friends and family. Most reviewers really liked the product and lost weight with it, some saying the tea made them regular and resulted in weight loss.

Wu-Yi Tea Original Review - A Natural Appetite Suppressant

I am at the stage of life where I want to really start taking care of myself. Not that I haven’t taken care of myself before. But as you get older, you don’t have as much wiggle room to goof up and recover.

Lose Weight With Green Tea: A Safe Weight Loss Method That Works Review

I drink coffee every morning but lately have been switching to green tea in the afternoon. I have long heard that green tea helps with weight loss by increasing metabolism and stemming appetite. Not only that, it has other supposed health effects--anti-cancer properties, lowers blood pressure, even helps with gum disease.

All Natural Foojoy Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) Weight Loss Tea Review

Like many adults, I need to lose weight and am trying to eat less and change some bad eating habits to achieve my goal. One of my problems is that I have a healthy appetite. Put the food in front of me, and I can wolf it down.

I have been on the lookout for a product that can rev up my metabolism and maybe even suppress my appetite. Can all Natural Foojoy Wuyi Oolong (Wu Long) tea do that for me?

China Slim Tea Extra Strength for Men and Women Review

Right after college, I worked in an office where we talked a lot about wanting to lose weight. People were always trying this or that diet. While visiting San Francisco, I bought a box of China Slim Tea to bring home as a joke. Surely you can't lose weight from drinking tea, I thought. It was never used, and eventually it went into the trash.

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