Best Fitness Apps for Your Smartphone

We live in an age where a huge percentage of people have the equivalent of a powerful computer right in their pocket; the introduction of fitness apps for Smartphones and other mobile devices have changed the way people make, record, and reach their fitness goals.

In our busy and very technologically based lives, fitness has to be convenient, or it just doesn’t take priority for most people. If the gym is close by your home or work, or is open 24/7, you are much more likely to actually go.

If it’s easy to keep track of the fitness classes you attend, the weights you lift, or the miles you walk, run, or bike, you are more likely to track your progress.
If it’s convenient to count calories and keep record of what you eat, you are more likely to pay attention to eating healthier and hold yourself accountable.

With such a huge volume of fitness apps available on platforms such as iOS, android, and blackberry; it can be hard to find one in your price-range that suits all of your needs.

The following 5 free apps are designed for various mobile devices while offering a wide range of tools for helping you record your progress, meeting, and measuring, your personal fitness goals.

Lose It! By FitNow (iOS 3.0 or higher, FREE)

With a rating of 4.5/5 stars from over 1200 ratings for the newest version, and 3.5/5 stars from over 308,500 ratings for all versions, Lose It! may be one of the best fitness apps available for Apple devices. Popular features include calorie budgeting, a simple streamlined interface, recipe setup for complex foods, nutrient tracking, and the ability to email or print detained reports directly from your apple device. It even works if you don’t have a network connection, and perhaps best of all, no advertisements.

Endomondo Sports Tracker by Endomondo (Android/Blackberry/iOS/etc, FREE, pro $3.99)

Almost all portable devices with GPS capabilities can run, or will soon be able to run, this socially based fitness app. If you like to run, walk, bike or skate, Endomondo Sports Tracker is a great app for keeping track of your routes, best times, and average speeds; you can also link up with your friends for support and competition for motivation. You can use the Endomundo website to see summaries of your exercise habits, and to send invites and challenges to your friends, so that they can join your fitness push.

SportyPal Pro by CreationPal (Android/Blackberry/iOS/etc, FREE)

SportyPal is another app with a wide reach over various platforms. As long as you are in motion, it measures your speed, distance, and burned calories, with an auto-start option, and an auto-pause feature that will pause your workout for you if you stop moving for a while (like if you got stuck waiting for a red light) and then restart it for you when you begin moving again. SportyPal also allows you to make calls or listen to music during your workout, and has a convenient map view to show how far you’ve gone.

Fast Food Calorie Counter by Concrete Software (Android, $2.99)

If trying to make healthier eating choices while you’re out is more your style, this is a great app for you. Currently the Fast Food Calorie Counter app has 73 fast food chains in the database, with over 9,100 menu items for quick lookup, and it’s being updated all the time. It not only shows the calories, but also fat content, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber for each item. There are a lot of fast food nutrition lookups out there, but this one is logically set up, has an easy interface for use on the phone, and does exactly what it says it does.

Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles by Signal Patterns (iOS, $1.99)

Yoga can be an awesome workout, but it’s not always easy to get to the gym in time for a yoga class, and with this app you can get your yoga fix on the go. The Authentic Yoga app has poses for all levels of experience, and allows you to follow along with preloaded routines, or to make your own routines with the included poses. All the instructional videos for this app do require network access though, so it wouldn’t be very helpful anywhere without good cell signal.

With such involved, simple to use, free fitness apps for portable devices, there is no excuse for anyone with a Smartphone not to get fit. Even if you can’t make it to the gym, your portable device can put your health and fitness goals, and the tools to meet them, right at your fingertips; only a pocket away.

William Taylor is fitness, nutrition and lifestyle expert. Apart from that he is gizmo freak and over enthusiastic blogger. Visit his site for mobiele telefoons and sim only abonnement.

Fitness Apps for Your Smartphone

Great post, I appreciate your research. I'm going to download this app now.

Thanks for sharing.

Good App for Fitness

Good list of fitness apps. I will install this app and share with my friends. This app really helps to people to scheduling and diet program.

Gonna install it now

Thanks for sharing an amazing information on the fitness app. I am gonna install fitness app into my iPhone. I hope I can able to fit my body in the morning so that all the day it will be fresh.

My Favorite app id iPhone/iPad

Nice list of apps. Thanks for sharing.

My favorite fitness app for iPhone

Nice list of apps. Thanks for sharing. One of my favorite fitness app for iPhone is C25K (Couch to 5K). You can get the support and motivation you need to finish a 5K. Access to various training tools, music-sync programs and virtual coaching to run 3.1 miles. I train for 30 minutes a day, three days a week using this app.

All these apps counts the

All these apps counts the calories starting from a 2000 norm a day, but if you are a woman and you have a sedentary life you daily norm will be up to 1200 calories. So, i think there is point to develop a mobile app that will take it into account.

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