Bender Ball Mini Ab Ball Review - Get These Sexy Abs and Strong Back

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Are you looking for those 6-pack abs that make people do a double take when they see you at the beach?

The Bender Ball method, developed by master trainer Leslee Bender, may seem like a mere 9inch ball but this ball can create a 408% increase in abdominal exercise than the traditional crunches we have dreaded so much in the past.

Is the Bender Ball Effective for Abs?

How Does the Bender Ball Mini Ab Ball Work?

The Bender Ball comes with a manual and 3 exercise DVDs to help you get started and learn the ins and outs of the Bender Ball techniques. The Bender Ball is used similarly to the traditional exercise ball but because of its smaller size you are able to get more flexibility forwards and backwards, working muscles that generally are missed through traditional crunches. With this product you will be able to work your upper abs, obliques (side abs) and the ever hard to reach, lower abs.

Bender Ball Exercises

What Are Others Saying: Does the Bender Ball Really Work?

For those of you out there looking to work on your abdominals, the reviewer’s on Amazon believe it works. Faith Marston (a reviewer on felt she was not getting enough out of her crunches. She found the day after her first workout with the Bender Ball her ab muscles were sore.. She also says,

“I bought it to help get my abs in better shape and it definitely helps with that! I would definitely recommend this product. If you are looking for an inexpensive product that gives your abs a good workout this one is definitely it.”

Another reviewer by the name of Ness explains to prospective customers, that the Bender Ball program not only works but it is time efficient as well. Taking only 10 minutes out of your day to work on your abs is enough time to get that 6-pack you have always dreamt of! She also notes:

“The workout is made for all kinds of people from high level intensity to beginners. This took my abs to a whole new level; mix in some cardio on top of your ab work out and you see results in the first week, not to mention my great six pack after four weeks.”

You Get 3 Exercise DVDs

Just like you, Cathy was sceptical of the Bender Ball, thinking it was just another gimmick but she found real results. The great thing about the 3 DVDs you get with your Bender Ball is they are short, which makes it easy to fit into your day. She also takes the time to add:

“It really does hit the core muscles and the exercises they show you are very easy to do. If you’re looking for something really quick and easy this will do the job plus it really works.”

Will it Help Me Lose Weight?

In order to lose weight using the Bender Ball method you will have to combine your own personal cardio program with it. You can’t simply lose weight utilizing an abdominal program but you can definitely turn some of that extra belly fat into lean muscle.

L.Mahaney notes:

“So far, I find that this little ball is a miracle worker. I can just feel that my abdomen area is so much smaller than usual! It just feels and looks smaller. I guarantee that if I keep up these workouts I will slim down to my liking!”

Pros and Cons


  • The DVDs are short and effective.
  • With 3 different DVDs you have different intensity options as you progress.
  • Great for people with back problems. The Bender Ball makes crunches possible.


  • Some customers found the Bender Ball to be a bit too flimsy.
  • In some opinions, the DVD exercises are not useful.
  • You may have to refill your ball with air on a regular basis.

Problems and Complaints

The biggest complaint from customers is that when you order through the Bender Ball website they automatically opt you into this DVD program that can be difficult to get out of. If you are not careful during the checkout process you may be buying more than just the Bender Ball. This is why many people purchase it through Amazon instead.

Can I Use the Bender Ball if I have Back Problems?

The answer is yes! Many reviewers have stated that their chronic back problems have caused them to neglect their abdominal workouts. The Bender Ball alleviates the stress on the back. One user writes:

“After two or three months, I had some wonderful and unexpected lower back and hip pain which I've had for years has greatly diminished, even completely gone on some days.”

How Does Bender Ball Mini Ab Ball Rate Overall?

The majority of people who have tried the Bender Ball have found it to provide successful results, perhaps not quite as successful as the product claims. With the majority of customers happy with this product we can feel comfortable giving it 4 stars.

Where Can I Buy and Read More Reviews for the Bender Ball?

You can find the Bender Ball Mini Ab Ball on the website. With many different vendors selling this product you should be sure to have yours delivered immediately after purchase. Visit Amazon to read more reviews.

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