Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review - Brings Your Bicycle Indoors

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Are you looking for an easy and very affordable way to use your existing bike inside your home and get a consistent and reliable workout? Bell Motivator Mag could be the answer! What a great way to use your bicycle as part of your indoor workout when the weather isn’t conducive to cycling. You get the benefits of toning your body and burning some calories to help you stay fit. Anybody who can pedal a bike will love this Bell Motivator Mag indoor bicycle trainer.

Ease of Use

The indoor bicycle trainer weighs approximately 19.2 pounds and can fit into your home easily. It comes already assembled so you don’t have to struggle with putting it together. Just attach your bicycle and you are ready to go. People who have purchased this trainer love the ease of use.

What You Get

You get a great indoor bicycle trainer at a great price that will get you started on a fitness program or help you train for those long rides. With a single-adjustment you get a progressive magnetic resistance that increases as you increase your speed. The resistance is sufficient to help you build muscle and burn calories. It comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty that is excellent for this type of equipment. There is a double adjustment that helps you and the bike stay centered.

What Do People Say About the Trainer?

Most of the people that have purchased the Bell Motivator Mag indoor bicycle trainer feel that they have purchased an excellent trainer for home use. They love that it is ready to go right as soon as it arrives right out of the box. No worry about the difficulty of having to assemble this trainer!

Kim, who has a been a bicycle racer for more than 10 years, says in her review that one does not need anything fancier than this model. “It is basic and effective. I bought it on sale for $83.62, which is an absolute steal” she shares.

Some users find that the adjustable resistance allows you to have a 20-minute workout with the trainer and yet feel as if you have had a 45 minute outdoor workout.

A great advantage of the trainer is that it allows you to use your bike regardless of the weather conditions. J. Rodina, a recreational cyclist from Paxson Alaska, writes in her review on “I'm very happy with the Bell Motivator trainer…I don't enjoy cycling when it's minus 30F outside! So I wanted something I could use to bring my old mountain bike inside and keep in-shape during the long winter here in Alaska.”

Problems and Dislikes are Minimal

The only complaint that most people found with the indoor bicycle trainer was that it did make a noise. One customer compared it to the sound of a vacuum cleaner running. For almost all of the customers they felt that this wasn’t detrimental to having the trainer. They would purchase it with the noise because it was effective, affordable, and easy to use.

Handling the Noise

A lot of the customers have different ways in which they deal with the noise issue. A large number of them felt that with changing the nubby tires out for others, if you have them helps to decrease the noise issue. Pamela compared it to “one of those air cycles for the noise level.” Another customer handled the noise he said by just turning the iPod or the TV up when he his doing his training. He also states that after awhile you really don’t think about the noise.

Have Fun!

The main idea with any piece of exercise or training equipment is to have fun using it. It doesn’t matter whether you are using it to train for a triathlon or just to get exercise. For the price this is one sweet deal. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase and will get years of use or miles of use from the Bell Motivator Mag indoor bicycle trainer. Giving this trainer a chance will net you a great workout without a lot of trouble.

Where to Buy - Best Deal

The Bell Motivator Bicycle Trainer is a great buy for the money on

Tire size

I can't seem to find any information on the size of tire this unit will fit. I have a mountain bike with a 20" wheel. Will it work?

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