Behaving Like a Gentleman in the Gym

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As you are probably aware, going to the gym is obviously a great way to trim some of that excess weight or to add some extra muscle mass; and so it is no surprise why it is a popular place with our fellow man. However, what you may not be aware of is the unspoken code of conduct that exists in every gym. So I’ve created my own little list that will serve as your guide to behaving like gentleman in the gym.

Wipe Down Equipment after Use

You wouldn’t be too pleased if you came to use a piece of equipment only to find a nice little puddle of someone’s sweat on it, would you? So do unto others as you would have done to yourself, and wipe down all equipment after use.

It will take a few seconds out of your work-out and you won’t be building a bad reputation for yourself at the gym where you are a regular. Most gyms will provide towels and a form of disinfectant for users; so once you’ve finished on piece of equipment give  a quick wipe down – even if you can’t see any sweat marks!

Don’t Sound Like a Hippo in a Labour

If you do this you will be the guy who is the focal point of all the eye-rolls and sighs of everyone else in the gym. If you can’t help but make loud noises there are two things you can do; first off, you may be lifting weights that are too heavy. If you are making those noises odds are your technique is suffering as a result; so take a closer look at your regime and see if you are being a bit over-ambitious. Experts generally recommend lifting around 80% of your max weight for around 8-10 reps.

If that doesn’t solve it, then you can try a little trick I’ve picked up down the years. Instead of screeching (which gives the impression that you’re a banshee in disguise) try counting each rep in a grunting a deep manly grunt. This way at least you don’t sound like a girl and people hearing you counting your reps won’t result in eye-rolls or sighs.

Be Considerate and Aware When Using the Equipment

For those of you who go to the gym regularly you probably would have spotted that there is not enough equipment for everybody to be working on the one of their choice when they want to. So therefore it would probably be considerate of you to be as accommodating as you can to the people around you.

A good way to start is by making sure that no one else is using the equipment before you start; a quick look around or a simple question will probably be alright. Once you have started using the equipment, if you notice someone hanging around ask if they would like to use it during your rest periods (don’t be afraid to ask this if the roles are reversed); I’ve found that people are always surprised and grateful. Besides a gentleman is always considerate.

Focus on Your Own Work Out

Imagine how irritating is it if someone interrupted your workout to inform you smugly that your technique isn’t quite right or that the exercise you’re doing isn’t very effective. I’d struggle to not say something, that in fairness I’d probably quickly regret, because it is just so rude. Who’s to say that I’m not following a workout designed by the world’s great personal trainer? Or that the exercises you’re doing have been prescribed by your doctor?

It’s no one else’s business what exercise I’m doing because it is my workout and that is definitely something you should remember in the gym. Never comment on anyone else’s workout because a man's business is his own; plus you’ll probably be made to look stupid.

So there is my manly guide to gym etiquette; in short just don't be 'that guy'. If you have any questions just jot them down in the comment section or visit my home on the internet at the Emporium of Manliness.

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