Bariatric Advantage Review - Nutritional Supplements that Promise Benefits For Bariatric Patients

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Few are aware that after undergoing weight loss surgery the body requires a diet that is specially designed to suit the nutritional needs of the post-operative period.

Since the body needs less food post-surgery (due to the reduced storage capacity of the stomach), it often times falls prey to inadequate nutrition or even severe malnutrition.

If one tends to consume the same foods that one consumed before undergoing surgical weight-loss only in lesser quantity, malnutrition and other disorders owing to nutritional deficiencies are bound to occur in the body. This is because with the decreased quantity of food, the nutrient intake is also considerably lowered.

That is why there is a need to consume foods that offer high nutrient content without compromising on the calorie count, which has to be low.

Bariatric Advantage Covers the Need for Specially Designed Post-Surgical Weight Loss Foods

Bariatric Advantage offers a whole range of vitamin/nutritional products that are custom made to give your body all that it needs from a diet, after surgical weight loss. The core line of these foods includes chewable multivitamin formulas for all procedures, one encapsulated multivitamin product, multiple flavors of calcium nitrate lozenges, a sublingual vitamin B12 and two doses of chewable carbonyl iron.

They also have a range of ‘specialty’ products that includes high-potency B complex, thiamine, biotin, vitamin D, fish oil, and probiotics among others. These products are easy to digest and provide the simplest way possible to meet adult nutritional needs.

Why Supplements from Bariatric Advantage?

Bariatric Advantage claims that owing to strict quality control, their products maintain high quality standards. And unlike regular nutri-foods, their food products are tasty and great to chew on. Along with these advantages, Bariatric’s range of nutria-foods promises to be lactose free and contain a low glycemic formulation, which enables the consumers to maintain their reduced weight while providing them with a balanced nutrition.

Apart from their own wide range of such foods, Bariatric Advantage offers selected products of other brands which meet the needs of individuals who have undergone weight-loss surgery. These include high-protein foods from the house of Nestle – like Optifast (in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry), Beneprotein and Optisource (in caramel and strawberry); protein powders like Procel and Nectar, liquid proteins like Pro-Stat and Profect; and some other specialty products like Devrom.

Years of experience and expertise in nutritional foods has made Bariatric Advantage a favorite with customers. They proudly claim to be the most reputed brand when it comes to weight-loss surgery nutrition, and its secret being only a “continued commitment to excellence in products”.

2010 Products of Bariatric Advantage

While Bariatric Advantage

While Bariatric Advantage does a great job of selling Nestle's post-bariatric surgery nutrition products, the Nestle Nutrition Store also offers great nutritional advice and coupons. Take a look today at

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