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When it comes to weight loss, everyone has different problem areas and different goal weights in mind which is one of the reasons you will find so many different exercise products on the market today.

If you have gone to your local fitness store and found you simply didn’t know where to look first and didn’t really have a grasp on what you’re looking for, don’t worry we can help!

It is best to target your body through sections as well as locating a full body workout. So within this article we are going to outline and review the "Bally Total Fitness Thigh Toner" to help you tone your inner thighs and start your weight loss journey here.

How Does the "Bally Total Fitness Thigh Toner" Work?

Let’s start with the tool itself. It offers foam covered steel frame that is spring loaded for resistance purposes. This offers the perfect amount of resistance to help increase muscle mass and create toned and lean thighs. Because it is called a thigh toner you may not have thought that it can tone your hips, arms, stomach, chest and buttocks as well.

You can get a unique full body workout form this tiny tool that can literally be taken anywhere. For your convenience, "Bally Total Fitness" has included an exercise guide to help you learn how to get the most of this product.

What Are Others Saying – Does the "Bally Total Fitness Thigh Toner" Really Deliver?

For any product you are considering buying you should always find reviews and opinions of people who currently own the product. This is the most honest and true way to discover how a product really works and if it delivers what it claims.

P. Barker from Kentucky has been using this product for 3 weeks and has already experienced a change in the muscle of their thighs. This consumer is not sure about the quality of this product, although there have been no problems to speak of yet.

Nataliya from New York City states that this product does provide you with a burn during use but it is the quality again that this consumer is worried about, stating it is just too flimsy.

CassieE uses her "Bally Total Fitness Thigh Toner" for only a few minutes every day but can already feel the difference in her thighs. This makes for a perfect piece of weight loss equipment for people who are short on time.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

This is always the number one question in reference to any type of fitness equipment. Of course it is impossible to provide an exact number; we can say that by toning your muscles with this piece of equipment you are going to force your unwanted fat cells to burn off.

This thigh toner cannot be used in replacement of a fully body workout but instead as an addition to an already in place workout. By using your thigh toner this way you will experience the most optimal weight loss results possible.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Compact, which makes it perfect for travel
  • Can work not only your thighs but your arms, chest, stomach and buttocks as well
  • Takes only a few minutes out of your day to see results


  • Made of poor quality materials
  • Consumers rate it as flimsy providing uneven resistance

Problems and Complaints

The absolute biggest problem found associated with this product had to do with the quality of it. Many people found the "Bally Total Fitness Thigh Toner" to be very flimsy and not worth the small investment.

Although the product works many people do not expect it to last long. This is something to be taken into consideration before making your final decision.

Why Use a Thigh Toner?

With all the different weight loss and exercise tools on the market today, the question is why is a thigh toner a better choice than something else? The answer here is simple. "Bally Total Fitness" is only one of the fitness companies who have acknowledged that for women especially, the most common problem area are the thighs.

Therefore if you can tone up your thighs and start your weight loss journey here you will develop the confidence to continue on to other problem areas through full body workouts. Not everyone can jump into an intense workout routine from nothing and this is why starting with a thigh toner may be perfect.

How Does the "Bally Total Fitness Thigh Toner" Rate Overall?

Overall, this product was given a 3 star rating on Although the product does work the quality of the product is not up to standards and this is why many people gave it a lower rating.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the "Bally Total Fitness Thigh Toner"?

If you’ve decided that you would like to try out this product for yourself, you can find it at a 25% discounted price through Here you can read more reviews and provide yourself with as much information as possible before hitting that “buy” button.

What is the current price?

You listed some pros and cons, did you by chance try it yourself? love you site and all your reviews. Thanks

bally fitness

all tips given by Jennifer are very effective an i got 4 pack abs from it . can i get video link to see and download it

This is a really helpful

This is a really helpful review- my thighs are my problem area, I am a classic pear shape, and I have always struggled to find exercises that focus just on toning them up. Even when I lose weight it won't come off my thighs! I will certainly look into this product.

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