Atkins Diet Review

Imagine a diet that allowed all the eggs, bacon, (but hold the toast), rich creamy soups, and delectable dressings you could ever want.  Would you be interested?  Many believe the Atkins Diet, the phenomenal best selling book, is based on such a plan – proteins and fats are encouraged but carbs are the “bad guys.”  And perhaps with the “old” Atkins diet, that perception was warranted.  But now there’s a NEW and evolved Atkins diet that incorporates all the food groups while still allowing the delicious foods most diets shun.

The Atkins Promise

Not only will you lose weight without hunger pains, but also you’ll be paving the way for a healthier heart, improved memory function, and overall well-being.

How The Atkins Diet Works – A Truly Unique Approach To Dieting

At the core of the Atkins Diet is the belief that refined carbohydrates and sugars – the “bad carbs” – should be strictly minimized.  Most Americans over indulge when it comes to carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates and fats are a vital source of energy, but the problem of excess weight occurs because our bodies burn the carbohydrates first.  What’s left over is the fat.  However, if we eat more proteins and fats but drastically reduce our carbohydrate intake, then the stored fat is burned more effectively.  When the body burns its own fat for fuel, that’s known as ketosis. 

For this reason, eating meats and protein is strongly encouraged.  As a matter of fact, it’s essential for success with the Atkins plan. And when you follow the concepts, your body becomes an efficient fat-burning machine.

The Controversy

Virtually all experts agree that when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, the Atkins diet works.  However, those in the medical community are concerned about the long-term effects on the heart and kidneys.  Some studies suggest an increased cancer risk when a diet high in protein and fat is established over a long period of time.


Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have another take.  After conducting the “largest and longest-ever comparison of four popular diets,” the Atkins Diet was the sure winner.

According to the study, “Of the more than 300 women in the study, those randomly assigned to follow the Atkins diet for a year not only lost more weight than the other participants, but also experienced the most benefits in terms of cholesterol and blood pressure.” 

One possible explanation for the weight loss is that Atkins diet promotes increased satiety – meaning you feel full longer.  That’s because high amounts of protein and fat leave you feeling more satisfied after a meal. 

Some Good News And Some Bad News

The hardest part of the Atkins Diet is the first two weeks or the Induction phase.  During this phase you can’t have more than 20 grams of carbs each day.  This crucial time is setting the biochemical stage for fat burning. 

Now for the good news.  Unlike other diets, Atkins doesn’t restrict your calories, only your carbs.  As a matter of fact, you don’t count calories at all, just your carbs.  After the initial two weeks are up, your carb allowance is increased and you can begin adding whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Atkins Diet Online
If you’d like to follow the Atkins program online, eDiets offers a sound approach to the diet.  You can find out more about it at link.


The Atkins Diet remains a controversial diet plan mainly because of the suggested increased risk for heart attack, kidney disease, stroke, and cancer.  Obviously, there are scientists on both sides of the fence when it comes to these risks. 

One misconception is that you can’t eat any breads, fruits or vegetables on Atkins.  That’s simply not true.  During the later phases, ALL food groups are allowed which means proteins, fats, and HEALTHY carbs. 

If you’re not fond of animal protein, you’ll probably find the Atkins diet isn’t for you.  But for all the meat-lovers out there, the Atkins Diet is a dream come true. 

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