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Can the Atkins Diet be Effective with HCG?

According to the Center for Disease Control official website, nearly 36% of Americans are considered obese. Based on this statistic it is no wonder why we, as a nation, are obsessed with fast weight loss results.

Recently there has been an explosion in popularity of the hcg diet protocol which is an extreme low calorie diet program used in conjunction with the pregnancy hormone hcg to help dieters lose weight, sometimes as much as a pound a day.

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Is A Low-Carb, Atkins-Type Diet Safe?

The Atkins diet isn't quite as often heard about these days, now that Hoodia and the Acai berry have made their way onto the scene. But some people still treat the Atkins diet as the diet bible, and if you're interested in trying it, you should know the pro's and the con's.

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Why Does Atkins Work So Fast? A Study Of Obese Diabetics

It is generally recognized that people who choose weight-loss approaches based on lowering carbohydrate consumption can lose weight remarkably quickly. It’s not so generally clear why. Speculation has centered on the possibility that lower carbohydrates lead to less water retention, to a higher metabolism rate, or simply to boredom with eating due to the food restrictions.

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Is Atkins High Protein Diet Safe? Flies Live Longer In Low Protein Diet.

Flies that are being fed an "anti-Atkins" low protein diet live more because their mitochondria work better, a recent study suggests. The project, completed at the Buck Institute for Age Research, reveals that the molecular mechanisms that control longevity in flies can be useful for understanding the human aging process as well as diseases like cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

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Pros and Cons of Low Carb Diets – Does Atkins Work?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding weight loss, mostly brought about by the drastic differences between different diets, all of which are promoted as safe and easy, but few of which live up to their promises.

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Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets: Atkins (Low-Carb), Mediterranean or Low-Fat?

Choosing a diet can be difficult. With so many competing options, how can you decide which one will be best?

Atkins Diet Review

Imagine a diet that allowed all the eggs, bacon, (but hold the toast), rich creamy soups, and delectable dressings you could ever want.  Would you be interested?  Many believe the Atkins Diet, the phenomenal best selling book, is based on such a plan – proteins and fats are encouraged but carbs are the “bad guys.”  And perhaps with the “old” Atkins diet, that perception was warranted.  But now there’s a NEW and evolved Atkins diet that incorporates all the food groups while still allowing the delicious foods most diets shun.

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The New Atkins Diet. Have Your Carbs And Lose Weight Too.

We all know about the original Atkin's Diet, made famous by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston. Over the years we may or may not have attempted this particular diet. However, one of the main difficulties with this diet was the absence of carbs. Foods such as bread, rice, potatoes, and muesli, were struck off the pantry shelf forever. For many of us, this was just too hard to maintain long term. The new Atkin's diet, as the name would suggest, has addressed this issue.

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