At What Stage of Weight Loss Should You Consider Liposuction?

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The results of weight loss vary drastically for each person. Many begin a long journey of weight loss only to find that the results they had hoped for are still far from within their reach. Oftentimes, these individuals wonder if there is a better alternative to all the dieting and exercise. Weight loss warriors that are tired of the constant struggle to lose stubborn fat will often research the pros and cons of surgical weight loss procedures like liposuction. If you are considering this kind of plastic surgery, it is important to understand all the ins and outs of the procedure.

Cut the Fat—When is Liposuction Okay?

Wading through all of the vast information about weight loss surgery and liposuction can be a bit confusing. For those of us that are fed up with the minimal results we see after the tiring day-in-day-out gym runs, calorie counting and more, plastic surgery may start to seem like the only viable option. The question is, “when is it okay to start liposuction?”


The best way to determine when the time is right to consider surgery during your weight loss journey is to pinpoint exactly what the end goals are that you hope to achieve following surgery. The best candidates to consider for liposuction are individuals that hope to rid their neck, thighs, arms and/or abdomens of stubborn fat. Typically, these areas will contain fat pockets that are resistant against exercise and diet efforts. With liposuction, the resistant fat deposits are removed from underneath the skin with a long needle. Once the fat is dislodged, a vacuum is used to suck up the loose deposits.

Who Needs Liposuction?

Liposuction is purely used for stubborn areas of fat. However, some people may benefit from liposuction more than others. For example, people with a genetic predisposition for chubby cheeks or large stomachs may benefit the most from having this kind of surgery.

The best individuals to undergo liposuction in Sydney should be relatively fit, having at most 20 pounds of excess fat. Liposuction is intended for people that can maintain a stable weight in order to ensure that the results of the surgery are permanent. Additionally, these candidates should have elastic and firm skin, as the surgery will require the skin to shrink after the procedure. While younger people tend to have the best skin for liposuction, anyone with skin that is well taken care of can undergo liposuction.

Liposuction candidates should also have a regular exercise routine as well as a healthy diet. The surgery will work to sculpt and redefine the body but it will not permanently change the shape if the results are not maintained through a proper exercise and nutrition regimen.

Liposuction won’t work for every candidate. Individuals considering liposuction may not qualify if they suffer from common medical conditions like lung disease, circulatory problems, diabetes, heart disease or the like. Moreover, individuals who are excessively obese or overweight cannot be considered for liposuction before the required amount of weight is lost. Surgical procedures like the Realize Band or the Lap Band can be used to achieve weight loss for obese or overweight patients.

Types of Liposuction

If you are considering liposuction, it is important to understand which kind will be best for your body. The available types of liposuction include ultrasound-assisted liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction, tumescent liposuction and power-assisted liposuction. Having a consultation with a board-certified Sydney liposuction surgeon like Dr. Turner will help you best determine which liposuction treatment will be better for you.

Choosing a Surgeon for Liposuction

When researching liposuction in Sydney, it is incredibly important to look for a board-certified surgeon rather than a doctor that happens to practice liposuction. The results and effectiveness of the liposuction surgery are completely dependent on the quality of the doctor that you see.

To choose a qualified liposuction surgeon, be sure to focus on their experience and skill level, their board certification, as well as the style with which they perform the surgery. When it comes to experience, finding a highly skilled surgeon with several years in the field is ideal. You are much more likely to have a successful surgery if the surgeon you see has had a long list of effective procedures.

Similarly, you need to confirm that the Sydney liposuction surgeon you choose is properly certified and has had the required liposuction training. This will ensure that the surgery will be completed at a surgery center that is accredited. When considering the results of the procedure, the personal style of the surgeon that you choose will ultimately determine the look and feel of your post-liposuction body. Do yourself a favor and look through the surgeon’s gallery of completed procedures. This will give you a sense of what you are going to look like following the liposuction sydney surgery.

As you continue to progress through your weight loss journey, remember that there is no one way to lose weight. If you are seriously considering liposuction, remember to thoroughly do your research and find a qualified liposuction Sydney professional to speak with.

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