Arm Workout iPhone App Review: A Pocket Sized Exercise Routine To Go

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OK, you are in the fitness oriented mind set now but need a little direction or oomph to get you moving. That’s OK. Every body does once in a while. So today I’m going to take a look at Arm Workout and give it a try.

What it’s all about

Arm Workout isn’t so much of a weight management guide or fitness training coach. The app is more akin to “Five Minute Buns” on VHS that you watched sometime in years past. It’s a one time through, everyday workout routine geared and designed to strengthen and tone your arms. The developer has other apps on the market much like this one but geared towards other sections of your body, including one for your butt if you’re interested. The premise is really that simple. But exercise is an important part of weight and health management routine.

Aesthetics and Appeal

Arm workout looks very amateurish. You get the feel a seasoned programmer, or very underpaid one, wasn’t at work here. The app is tight and well done with no crashes, but still comes across as very thrown together.

The graphics are very generic. When starting the app you’re presented with three bubbles. I have a feeling the bubbles were pulled from the Microsoft Office generic clip art gallery from 1997. The look is a little retro, cartoony and simple. No real design work appears to have been done.

The color coordination isn’t bad. It’s no Martha Stewart, but that’s OK. Arm Workout is designed to be a quick and simple app. Busy graphics wouldn’t be all that appreciated here. Instead a gradient black background with white text and bubbles of blue and purple are used. Contrast is nice and the text is easy to read. Colors are used to separate the functions of the app from the upgrade offerings. It’s not classy, but it works well.

Use and Abuse

I have to mention first that this app is ad supported with a paid upgrade option. Paying for the upgrade doesn’t dissolve the ads though but simply offers a second five minute workout. With the ads in place I would rather have had that second workout included for free. With that being said though, the ads aren't obtrusive and stay in their place.

Use is very simplified. Besides the option to pay for the other workout, there are only two other buttons to use. There isn’t much thinking involved here. It’s a quick get to it and get it over with kind of design.

The first option starts a full on exercise routine from start to finish. Each step along the way you are provided with a video and a timer to get your reps on. In between each set the little lady stuck in your phone will announce what you’re to do next.

The other option is nice enough to let you start at any part of the routine. When your kids decide to spill chocolate milk all over the carpet and you’re interrupted for a few minutes, it’s not all that big of a deal. Start from where ever you left off, and the routine will begin again from there, little lady and all.

What Grinds my Gears

My biggest gripe is the ads. Either take them away and offer the other workout at a price, or include the ads and give it for free. I understand the developers want their pretty penny to, but it should be a one or the other kind of thing.

My other issue is the lack of sounds. In between each set I would have loved to hear some audio indicating the start and end of the timer. The little lady is nice, but baby you’re too drab and quiet for me.

Possibly iPod controls too. I understand that this may be a five minute work out, but you could potentially use the routine for multiple sessions and get a bit more out of it. Music is always a nice classic motivator when working out.

Recommendations Please

Would I recommend this app? Sure, why not. The price is good and the routine isn’t bad. Arm Workout creates a nice starting point for people, or a visit back to your roots for seasoned vets. Speed of use is also very nice here. I like that I can go from starting the app to exercising with a push of a button and almost no time.

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