Alli Coupons: Get the Cheapest Deals On Ebay

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Alli Coupons are one of the most sought after items on the Internet. It’s not surprising. With promises and testimonials of greater fat loss and FDA-approval, these diet pills are top sellers with dieters.

If you do a quick Google search you’ll soon discover that there are many places where you can get Alli coupons. We’ve done our own digging and one of the cheapest deals we found was for 60 pills at $44.99, or 120 pills at $64.99.

However, the world’s most popular buy-and-sell site has the absolute best deal on Alli. On eBay you can buy 240 pills (two packages of 120 pills) for just $74.99. That’s 31 cents per pill on eBay as opposed to 54 cents per pill at any other “$10 or $15 coupon discount” Alli website.

Even better news is that eBay’s $74.99 price is a “Buy It Now” offer. You won’t have to go through any long drawn-out bidding against anyone to get the best deal on Alli coupons. However, if you do enjoy bidding and have the time to spare before you need to refill your Alli supply, you can find even better deals.

What’s So Great About Alli Diet Pills?
Alli (generic name orlistat) is a low-dose version of Xenical, a prescription drug that has a high success rate in treating obesity and has been on the market since 1999. It’s taken three times a day with meals and helps you excrete about 30 per cent of fat by blocking fat absorption in the colon.

According to the FDA, in clinical trials users of Alli lost an additional two to three pounds for every five pounds lost through diet and exercise. Taken with meals it helps you to expel about 150 to 200 calories of fat from your body.

For optimum results, both the FDA and the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline emphasize taking Alli in combination with a sensible diet and exercise.

What Are The Side Effects Of Alli?
Some users report diarrhea, leakage, bloating and oily discharge. The manufacturer recommends you take a few days off work when you first start taking it (or you can start over a long weekend). This will help you cope with any of those unpleasant side effects.

In some studies Alli caused precancerous lesions in the colons of mice. However, the FDA says more evidence is needed to link the drug to colon cancer.

Also Alli inhibits absorption of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, so you should take a daily multivitamin. It is not intended for long-term, consistent use.

I didn't know that there were

I didn't know that there were coupons out there for Alli. I have always wanted to try Alli out but thought that it is too expensive. Where can you find coupons at? Do you find them in ads or online? Thanks, Christina

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