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Make Small Changes that Bring Big Results

Shedding pounds and keeping them off for good is a challenge for many people. If you are trying to lose weight, you are not alone. Across the nation, millions of people are overweight or obese. In many cases, these people respond by going on drastic, radical fad diets and exercise routines.

These strategies are difficult to maintain long term, and most people simply give up. Making small changes can make a big difference in your weight loss efforts. By using a few simple strategies you can lose weight and enjoy a healthy life.

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Every Day is a Choice

If you ate an entire pizza and a gallon of ice cream yesterday, forget about it. Yesterday doesn't matter. You have a brand new opportunity to start over every day. Weight loss is more psychological than physical in many cases. Tell yourself that today is the day that you will make a commitment to eating healthy foods.

Scrap the fast food breakfast sandwich and have a bowl of cereal instead. Skip the soft drink and have a low calorie beverage instead. By making a commitment to eating healthy and cutting back, you are already a step ahead in your weight loss efforts.

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3 Of The Latest Findings In Weight Loss Research

Weight-loss research is advancing at a rapid pace. Scientists are on a mission to discover what it is that makes people more likely to be fat. Dietary and lifestyle choices are also heavily researched.

There are a few serious things that are influencing overweight and obese individuals daily, and these topics are outlined below:

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Sweet Tooth

A majority of processed foods include high-fructose corn syrup. It's made from corn, and it is heavily refined. It's added to everything from fruit cups to ketchup and breads. There are numerous television advertisements that claim it is safe and fine in moderation. Research from Princeton University and UCLA say otherwise. This sweet syrup seems to have the ability to dramatically increase weight gain. It also makes individuals hold onto weight longer. Mice and rats that were fed HFCS also showed rapid development of diabetes.

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