Acai Berry Extreme / Vital Colon Cleanse Set Review - Pros & Cons

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The Acai Berry Extreme/Vital Cleanse Colon Cleanse Set gives you a great combination for weight loss and detoxification that is 100% natural. If you want to lose a few pounds or more this may be the perfect set for you. Each person is different, and it takes different methods to work with your specific body needs to shed those pounds.

How Acai Berry Extreme Works

The acai berry works by reducing appetite. It also increases your energy levels so that you don't have the sluggish feeling usually seen with diet medications. The antioxidants found in this berry help to fight free radicals.

Rid the Body of Toxins

The vital cleanse colon cleanse set works by ridding the body of toxins. The body builds up toxins every day. This causes the body’s defenses to have problems fighting off disease. Even though this is not a laxative it does help rid the body of toxins by increasing bowel movements. You may need to adjust the dosage if you notice problems.

Contents of Acai Berry Extreme/Vital Cleanse Colon

The ingredients used to make up this powerful weight loss product are 100% natural. This is what makes it such a wonderful product. It should not however be used by women who are pregnant or nursing their babies. As with all weight loss programs check with your doctor prior to starting this program.

Customers Claims that are Positive - Pros

Jennifer from Delaware feels that this product gave her the extra boost that she needed to lose that last weight to meet her goal. At five feet and having had three children in seven years she was having difficulty losing the last five pounds. This product gave her the boost she needed to get over the hump.

There are quite a few people that feel this diet set works slowly. This is true; however, it is better to lose weight slowly as it helps keep it off in the long run. Even with the slow weight loss people who use this set report an increase in their overall energy levels. They found that the extra energy made continuing to use the product worth their while.

A Few Negatives - Cons

There were a couple of people that felt that the program didn’t help them lose any weight and was therefore a scam. The acai berry did give them some energy, but they felt they could get this with just the acai berry alone as a supplement to their normal diet. Keep in mind that not every product works for every person. There is a program that can help you to achieve the weight loss that you desire.

The Acai Berry Extreme/Vital Cleanse Colon Cleanse Set

This program may not work for everybody who wants to lose weight, but you can’t know unless you try it. Increasing energy and getting rid of toxins are both important to anyone that desires to lose weight. This set definitely helps with these issues. It also takes living a healthy lifestyle, good diet and exercise to lose weight.

For many people this isn’t enough. Adding a little boost can make a world of difference in their life. Don’t become discouraged and give up after just a couple of weeks. This product may be slower acting than others. It does however increase the chance that you will be able to keep the weight off.

Best Price

You can find it at a very good price at

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